18 February 2014

Importance of Backlinks for SEO

Importance of Backlinks for SEO
Importance of backlinks for SEO is beyond description! Backlinks are the links coming to your website from various other internet sources/websites. Such links need to be not only quantitative but also qualitative. It plays a crucial role when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) which defines the optimization of how one can be reached through search engines.
How it works
Backlinks are considered as votes for a website by giving it a link. When a website has a number of good backlinks, the PR of the site increases. Hence it is recommended that you try to get as many backlinks as you can and these backlinks should be from various high PR and related websites.
Why backlinks are required
Backlinks are required in order to increase the traffic to your site. Backlinks increases visitors of a website by redirecting new traffic to it.
Backlinks help corporate websites in getting more clients and thus grow their businesses. It also helps users in getting the desired information from various sites.
What it is good for internet users
Users navigate web to get necessary information and this is the main reason why they spend their valuable time on the internet. Backlinks help users by informing him/her about the availability of various other sites which may be useful to them for getting their desired information. It saves a lot of time because an user don’t need to search for related websites on the search engines again. Backlinks with search engine optimization is the best option to attract customers to website from all over the world.
Proper management is required
In order to avail full benefit of backlinks, a proper updating process is required at regular interval, which will include additional backlinks and also removal of unwanted backlinks. This continuous updating process will keep the record of bringing the potential customer to your websites.
Backlinks attached to different sites must be made visible by the use of different colors, applying marquee, adding images, automatic sounds and also other attractive element can be introduced to make them stand out.
How to make the most out of your backlinks
Spread your links as much as you can, which will not only attract traffic to your website but also help you make money and increase the reputation of your website on the internet. Use backlinks to make your site visible in the social media websites. You need to check your backlinks regularly if possible in order to make sure that the links are working otherwise the visitors will not be able to reach your websites.
Encourage people to refer to your site and create new backlinks for you, so that traffic from all corners can come to your website and extract information from it. In a word, backlinks can be used in various ways to increase the number of visitors to your site.

How to Get High Quality Backlinks

How to Get High Quality Backlinks
Backlink is a link that directs a user from one website to another website. Web owners get the help of backlinks to increase the traffic of their website. Backlinks are also called as inbound links and another word is used for backlinks that is incoming links. Backlinks are very important because Google give PageRank to a webpage by determining the backlinks of that webpage.
Backlinks are also play an important role in Search Engine Optimization.  The rank of a webpage is increased in the search engine by the quality and the number of backlinks. The quality of a link is measured by the content present in the website. Some websites and webpages are created just to give the backlinks to the other websites by getting money; by these the ranking is not improved. Backlinks show the importance of webpage for search engine and it also shows that who is giving attention to it.
The backlinks of reputed and authoritative websites increase the value of website or webpage. The value is increased even more if the themes of the websites are relevant. When a visitor of a webpage clicks on the backlink, it takes him/her to entirely different webpage which is connected with the link. The backlink can be added as a URL or it can also be added as a hyper link. The links can be highlighted so that the visitors know that it is a link and can be clicked.
Link building is the most important thing for the success of a website. It is called the backbone of SEO and these also help in directing the traffic towards the website. Here are some steps with which a webmaster can get high quality backlinks.
Write informative articles with the targeted keywords and submit the articles on different authority websites like hubpages. The quality of the content must be good. Another advantage of submitting articles with useful informative is that if other websites like the article there is a possibility that they pick it up too and link to the articles. This is a great way of building high quality backlinks.
Commenting on blogs is another great way of getting high quality links. It is not an easy task because all the comments are not approved. One way to get the comments approved is to give useful and unique comments. You need to be aware that backlinks with nofollow tags don’t pass link juice.
A webmaster can exchange links with the websites of same topic and theme. Links must be exchanged by the popular websites so that it also helps in improving the search engine rankings.
For getting quality backlinks a web owner can offer the blog’s owner to approve the guest posting in exchange of a link to his website.
A blog owner can get high quality backlinks by submitting his blogs to forums and on social bookmarking sites.
There is no other way to get the quality backlinks than writing for other blogs that are related to your blog, the topic must be same. The value increases with the related backlinks so it is very important that a webmaster guest post on the blogs that are relevant to the theme and topic of his website.

How To Increase the Page Rank of a Website

This Article Shows you How To Increase the Page Rank of a Website
PageRank of a website shows the importance of that website on World Wide Web. PageRank is a system of Google that ranks a web page. According to PageRank, the links acts as a vote. When a page is linked to another page of similar theme and category, it is casting a vote for it. The number of links on a web page that are casting vote is considered important. The pages with high PR helps in increasing the PR of the page for which it casts a vote. The numbering of PageRank is 0 to 10. When a website or a web page is uploaded on web, its PageRank is 0. With the passage of time, the PageRank starts increasing when the page is linked with other related pages. The PR is assigned to every web page individually. The web page with PageRank 10 is the most important web page on the World Wide Web like Facebook.
To increase Google PageRank first thing that is needed are the backlinks. Link the page with the other pages but the most important thing that should be kept in mind is that the page should be linked with the relevant page. Try to get the links of pages with high PageRank having high traffic. Never link with the web pages with duplicate content and with the pages that are optimized with black hat techniques of SEO.  Quality of links is very important.
The second thing that can be done to increase the PageRank of a web page is to submit the URL of that page on different web directories and reference websites. Add unique and informative content on the pages of website. The SEO also boosts the PageRank of a page. For search engine optimization, use relevant keywords in the content. Take extra care of keyword density in content.
Do commenting, write articles and submit it with the page URL and participate in the forums. Join different forums, post the link of page on it with the related content to inform the people visiting that forum about your business or services. These people will be interested to click on it, and the traffic of page increases.
Article submission with URL of web page is a great way of generating new traffic. Join social media sites and write blog posts for backlinks to increase the PR of a page. By the way, you need to know the concept of no follow links ( rel=”nofollow” ) in order to fully understand which backlinks are useful in terms of PR, which does not affect PR but increase traffic and awareness only.
When a person registers a domain name, it is better to register it for more than 2 years. By registering it for many years, Google trust it and assign a PR to every page of a website depending on the backlinks. Purchasing an IP address for a domain is great because if a person shares an IP address with other webmasters (due to the spam activity done by another webmaster on the server) it can result in the ban of all the registered domains of that IP address.
Always take care of the things that can decrease the PageRank of the page like copy paste content because if a PageRank decreases once then it is very difficult to get it back up. Avoid linking with the spam websites.

How Alexa Ranks The Websites

This is How Alexa Ranks The Websites
Alexa is a web information company and one of the internet information providers company. It provides the information of traffic and ranking of a website. According to an estimate, Alexa ranks 30 million websites worldwide. A person can search Alexa, if he wants to know about the most successful websites. Search can be done by keyword, country and category of the website also.
Not only it ranks the websites, this company also provides the webmaster service for improving the websites. Alexa pro tools can be used to increase the ranking of a website. There are millions of Alexa toolbar users all around the world. The traffic of a website can be easily compared by the traffic of all other websites of that category with the help of Alexa.
Websites are ranked by the Alexa depending on the traffic of that website. The traffic of a website is calculated by analyzing the number of users visit that website or one of the pages of the website. The rank is changed after every three months depending on the traffic data obtained by the diverse traffic data sources and by computing the web usage of Alexa toolbar users. The rank not only shows the number of users visited the website, it also shows the number of pages that are viewed by the user.
There are some important terms that are taken into consideration while ranking a website. The first one is the Reach. Reach is the measurement of the number of users viewed the website. It is shown in percentage, like if a website has a reach of 30% then it means from the 100% percent users of the internet, 30% users visited it. The second is page views. It is the measurement of number of pages viewed by person who visited the website. If a visitor views a specific page of a website many times in a day then it is counted one time. Alexa ranks the website by traffic which has visited the website in the time period of three months but there is also a traffic trend graph which shows the daily traffic rank of a website. By a trend graph the increase and decrease in website traffic can be seen easily. A website with consistent traffic gets rank increased. The main focus of Alexa is on the traffic of the website.
Alexa also ranks the blogs and the personal pages of individuals depending on traffic like the websites. There are some techniques to improve the Alexa ranking of a website. First of all a person has to download the Alexa toolbar. Write the quality content with the related keywords and post it on the social networking sites. Search engine optimization of the website increases the traffic. With the help of Alexa toolbar a person can compare his website with the competitor’s website. It provides a search function which shows the rank of a visited website and also shows the websites that are connected with the visited website in some way.
By the way, in terms of Alexa ranking system the less the merrier. If you have Alexa Rank #1, that means you are Facebook. When your new website starts to take traffic, your Alexa Rank will start from 25M-30M range.

6 February 2014

Make Money By Typing Jobs

Make Money By Typing Jobs

Earn Money Using Your Home PC

While typing is no longer offered at most business schools or high schools, it is still a service much in demand. Doctors, lawyers and authors record notes and then seek professionals to help type those notes into legible documents. The formal name for this service is transcribing, and it is easy to get set up as a transcriber. Then you can start making money typing.

Making Money Typing

With the world almost completely online, there is little need for a typewriter, however typing is still a marketable skill. The faster you are able to type, the faster you can share ideas and commit your thoughts to the screen. Using those typing skills to put the thoughts of others in written form is a way to supplement or even replace your current income.

Becoming a Transcriber

To become a transcriber, you have a few options. One is to research and find legitimate companies that already offer this service. There is a steady demand for skilled individuals, and these companies will willingly take on new employees who show commitment to their work. Some may charge a fee for a start-up package. These companies require a bit of extra research to ensure that they are indeed selling you a package and future work, not just taking your money.
Another option to begin making money typing is to approach professionals in your area. Doctors, lawyers, security professionals, authors, police stations and similar locations all might have need of someone to transcribe notes and recordings.
It can be challenging to demonstrate your abilities if you don't have references, so consider offering your service on a trial basis if potential clients are skirmish. Remember that much of what you are potentially transcribing can have serious legal repercussions, so you should approach the material with the utmost care and understand the skepticism and caution of clients. It might be worthwhile to take a few classes to fine-tune your skills and gain references of instructors.
Once you have established yourself as accurate and trustworthy, be sure to maintain a set of references from past clients. Also ask for referrals to new clients as many in the legal and medical field are closely networked.
Over time you will have established an ongoing client base and steady work. Considering most transcribers make upwards of $30 per hour, you will be very nicely supplementing other income or even completely replacing it by working just a few hours a day.

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