Get Your Approved Adsense Account In Minutes

Get Your Approved Google Adsense In Just a Few Minutes

Now a days Google Adsense is the only program that new or old bloggers finds very difficult to get approved. As you know that Google Adsense is highly CPC program, but to get approval is bit difficult, few years back there were no such restriction by Google, but now a day lot of bloggers even Pro blogger saying that they can’t get Google Adsense Account, So today I discover one of the most easiest approval method of Google Adsense.

In this tutorial I am going to illustrate you how to can get approval from Adsense just in a 1hours. As we know that every problem has a solution, so today in this tutorial we will try to find solution of Adsense, Here we will discuss that how to get Adsense very quickly through YouTube Monetization method and later on we can add on our website, so learn step by step that how to get Adsense account approval.

Step 1: First of all you should have Gmail account, if you have then well and good and if not then Sign up for Gmail.

Step 2: Login to your “YouTube” Account and visit

Step 3: Now click on “Enable My Account”.

Step 4: Now accept the term & conditions, Just Click on “I accept”.

Step 5: Now new page will open, just click on “Monetize” Button“.

Step 6: After that check your Email inbox.

Step 7: Now upload a unique video in your YouTube account.

Note: While uploading video don’t forget to add proper description and Tags, Now publish your Video.
Step 8: Now link your Adsense Account

Visit here and click on “How Will I be Paid” it will expend and click on “associate and Adsense Account”.

Step 9: Now new screen will open, here you have to put your YouTube channel address in front of “I will show ad on” and click on continue button.

Step 10: Now you will be redirected to new page, here you have to put your complete information which is required, after filling complete form click on “Submit”.
Now wait for some minutes, you will receive a confirmation Email, that says Your Adsense account is Approved.

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