27 June 2014

10 Easy Ways To Make Money Online Creatively

1. Sell Stock Photography

The Internet has caused an explosion in the demand for stock photography. As the number of media and commercial outlets has increased dramatically with the growth of online media there’s an enormous need for high quality stock photos.

Yuri Arcurs is the man everyone turns to for their stock photo needs. As the world’s top selling stock photographer he sells an image every 8 seconds, 24 hours a day (that works out to over 4 million images each year). Arcurs makes millions of dollars each year simply by being the best at what he does. There are lots of great photographers in the world and the barrier to entry is as low as ownership of a camera, but Arcurs has managed to build a reputation online for consistent, high quality and imaginative images.

If you’re a professional photographer (or even just a hobbyist) you should consider the possibilities of selling stock images online.

2. Tweet For Sponsors

SponsoredTweets is an online platform that allows you to make money on Twitter by charging sponsors for communicating their advertising messages to your followers. You set the amount you want to get paid for every tweet you make, choose a category and select keywords you want to work with. You then wait for advertisers to contact you and take you up on your offer, paying you the amount you specified for each tweet that you make.

All throughout the process, the tweeter has full control over his or her account, and may choose the wordings of the tweets, or may choose to reject the tweet altogether.

3. Blog for Ad Revenues

If, however, you already have a blog with a devoted following it should be easy for you to leverage your readers into hard cash. Ad networks such as Google AdSense pay big money to place their ads on your site, and you’ll receive a payment every time a reader clicks one. While it’s easy to go overboard and fill every spare pixel, if you place your ads well it’s possible to make a comfortable income from your site.

One of the most successful bloggers around today is John Chow, a Canadian blogger who makes more than $40,000 a month through ad sales and other revenue streams. Ironically, his blog is about ways to make money online.

4. Sell Affiliate Products

If you have a flair for sales copy you could try your hand at selling products for affiliates. While many people take the seedy route of selling diet pills and penis enlargement products, if you want to keep your conscience clear you’ll find that Amazon runs a very successful affiliate program that allows you to make money advertising any of the products for sale on their site. eBay also have a pretty good affiliate setup, with their top affiliates earning $1.3 Million a month,

5. Write an Ebook

In recent years the self-publishing world has exploded online to the point at which you don’t even have to run your own site in order to promote a book. Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo are just a few of the sites on which you could self-publish today, with commission rates of around 70% available on every sale.

The number of eBooks on Amazon reached 8 million last year, and Amazon stated that eBooks are outselling hard backs 2 to 1, 62% of ebook sales fell into the Thriller and Mystery genre, so if you feel that you could pull this style of genre off then you will be in for a good chance of sales.

26 year old self published author, Amanda Hocking from Minnesota makes more than $2 Million a year from her ebook sales. Amanda Hocking’s stories about, trolls, vampires and zombies and ‘supernatural teen romances’ sell for $2.99 or for as little as $.99.

6. Become a Virtual Assistant

Every small businessman would love to hire a full time assistant to take care of the little things, but many simply can’t afford one. Thanks to the Internet, though, they can now hire part time assistants who work for a whole host of clients, and all at a much lower cost than a full time staff member.

If you work from home this may be a perfect opportunity to make a consistent income. Virtual assistants can earn $20 an hour in return for booking travel tickets, interacting with clients and dealing with the daily needs of small businesses.

7. Lease Your Skills

Most people have at least one skill that carries a market value, though until now that skill may have been impossible to monetize in the traditional job market.

Sites such as 99Designs, Elance, Freelancer and iWriter allow people to hire out their skills as writers, coders, designers, translators and lots more on a contract basis. Freelancing sites are a great way to boost your income in your free time, and with enough motivation and hard work you could find yourself earning a comfortable full time income from them.

8. Selling on eBay

eBay is a great way to turn your unwanted things into a little spending money, but it isn’t just a place to sell your old Star Wars action figures. In fact, eBay’s global marketplace can offer a great way for canny traders to buy and sell their way to profit. By buying wholesale you can sell anything with a mark up. Even better, if you have the skills to make things people want to buy you could start your own home-based craft business, selling to customers around the world.

Matt & Amanda Clarkson are a successful couple who so far have managed to make over $8 Million in eBay sales.

9. Become A Mobile App Tester

People that are rather uncertain of their application development potential can still make some money through the usage of iPhone apps.

People that have the time and desire to test iPhone apps and discover bugs can be rewarded payments for their efforts. uTest is one such application. Individuals that have signed up will also build some reputation on the basis of the testing they have done so far.

Better reputation signifies access to more profitable app testing opportunities.

10. Designing T-Shirts

Finally, if you have something of an artistic streak you could kick off the next viral sensation with your own range of funky, arty t-shirts. Sites such as CafePress allow users to upload their own t-shirt designs and sell them on their personal online store.

You can also contact distributors such as threadless or designbyhumans to release your t-shirt designs to the masses.

If your designs catch the eye you could be looking at enormous profits when they take off in a big way.

24 June 2014

5 Ways To Make Money Online Through Sales

1. Sell On eBay

It quickly became clear that eBay was the winner when it came to secondhand commerce online. As a result my first experience making any money from the Internet was selling old games, toys and electronics on eBay.

eBay is still I believe the best way to gain experience making money from the Internet for two reasons -

You are pretty much guaranteed to make some kind of sale and thus experience a transaction
eBay has the traffic, so you don’t have to worry about marketing your product beyond creating a good listing, the eye-balls are already there

These two reasons make eBay a great first stop because you will learn how to list something for sale online, how to take money (possibly your first experience with PayPal) and about the importance of things like titles and copy writing, if you spend the time to study how to make your eBay listings convert better.

The best thing about eBay – the abundant traffic – is also the worst thing. Barriers to entry are low on eBay, meaning competition is fierce. When competition is fierce, profit margin is slim. Unless you can find some form of competitive advantage through your supply chain, how you create listings, or you have a means to increase volume, you’re not going retire rich thanks to eBay.

I spent quite a bit of time studying eBay, both as a business model and as a means to capture new customers because of how much buying traffic is there. There is no doubt that eBay is a fantastic website that represents a huge potential to make money, but in my case I wasn't keen to build my business there, it didn't match enough of my criteria.

However eBay is a fantastic way to make quick money, even just as a way to turn your old items into cash to start a new online venture. If you’re brand new to Internet marketing and you don’t know your PayPal’s from your Clickbanks, or your PPC from your SEO, eBay is definitely a great place to learn some basics.

2. Sell Products in Forums, Bulletin Boards, Classifieds and other Community type sites

Before having my own website, I spent time reading websites, newsgroups, bulletin boards and forums about the game, and eventually started trading online. Back before search engines were any good most of my time was spent in particular Magic newsgroups, some that talked strategy, and some that were focused specifically on trading and/or buying and selling cards.

I managed to make spare change selling my cards through these sites. The main reason I could make any money was because I would win cards in tournaments, hence I had a supply source that would result in a good profit margin. Of course this wasn't sustainable unless I kept placing well in tournaments, nor was it really scalable unless I started buying in cards from other sources.

I stopped using this method once I started my own card game site (more on this below), however I still believe niche collectibles, particularly in a market that you really love, is a fantastic starting point to gain experience making money online. Like eBay you can make money selling secondhand items in community sites if you can find a way to source product at cost or below. It’s not a model that has much margin so again the challenge is to scale if you want to make significant profit.

Selling Products Online Is A Big Opportunity

My first three experiences of making money from the Internet all involve some kind of physical product. Online commerce obviously represents a huge opportunity to make money online, and having your own product or a passion for a product that you can source can lead to big profits.

You can sell product from your own website store, via community sites and classifieds like Craigslist and of course eBay and collectively make good money. The challenge, like with any business, is defining what is your competitive advantage and can you come up with a model that meets your needs. For me selling physical product was a great proving ground, but I eventually learned that profiting from information was a preferable model if I wanted to meet my aforementioned business goals.

I’ll leave it in your hands to decide whether physical commerce is the way to go for your situation.

4. Sell Services you Provide Personally

At one stage early in my career when my online income wasn’t consistent, I was part of a business grant program run by the Australian government designed to assist entrepreneurs with money to pay for life’s necessities so you can focus on growing your business. The idea is that when your business is successful you will eventually hire people and pay taxes, thus the government reaps a return on the investment.

The grant ran for 12 months and I was under the assumption (incorrectly) that I had to show consistent income growth in order to maintain my qualification for the program. My income at the time always suffered a downturn around Christmas/Summer in Australia. To combat this problem I decided to teach English face-to-face with people in Brisbane to hopefully boost my reportable income.

To advertise my tutoring service I marketed using posters offline and eventually set up a website and marketed on classified sites as well. I charged $10 an hour and eventually had a few Korean clients. This idea eventually ballooned into a full on English school with a real world premises that I managed for eight months before closing down. It turned out to be an experiment that taught me I much preferred online business to bricks and mortar.

If you are good at something and enjoy helping/teaching/working on other people’s projects, selling what you do online is worth considering.

5. Sell Your Own Information Products

The single most profitable income stream I have ever developed is selling my own information products. If you are a long time follower of my work you know I have created courses on how to make money with blogs and membership sites. I also have several reports, an Ebook and new products on the way.

The profit margins on information products is significant, especially as you can earn money for content you created years ago. Technology makes selling information online relatively easy to automate, once you get through the learning curve. If you focus on areas you are passionate about you can build expertise and leverage that trust and credibility to make sales of your products. Best of all, all of this can happen while you sleep, once you have built the machine to do it for you.

Like with affiliate marketing, your potential to succeed selling information products rests on your ability to identify market needs, tap into audiences looking for this information and then give them what they want. There are plenty of subtleties and things to learn about, but thankfully there is plenty of guidance out there too.

21 June 2014

10 Best Ways to Make Money Online for Skilled Workers

1. Software Development

Despite the recent Great Recession there is still a massive under supply of programmers and software developers.

Programming itself is becoming outsourced to places like India. But a software developer sees the broader picture and is able to manage and apply different programming jobs into a larger cohesive project or application.

The big boom area at the moment is web development and mobile applications. There are thousands of businesses out there who are under-utilizing their web and mobile presence and have tons of money to throw at it. That’s where you would come in. As there aren't enough developers to meet the demand at the moment.

Pros: High demand and big pay days. There are a couple of software developers in my mastermind group and they’re regularly bantering about five-figure projects they’re working on. Also, software developers are integral to any start up, meaning that the skill-set will often net you an equity stake in many of the start ups you hop aboard.

Cons: Must be highly qualified to do it. It’s probably the only thing on this list that you HAVE to go to school for at some point, unless you’re just a prodigy or something. The other big problem with software development is that if you’re going to get out of the cubicle, you’re going to need some connections and big ticket clients to get you out the door. Almost everyone I’ve met who is making this work started out at a larger company, bailed and brought a few clients with them to get them going. Unlike some other skills, freelancing on Elance or oDesk will not be lucrative, as you’ll be battling all of the $12 and $15 an hour Indian developers.

2. Consulting and Coaching

The best thing about the internet is that any knowledgeable person can put themselves out there and teach others. The worst thing about the internet is that any knowledgeable person can put themselves out there and teach others. For every true expert out there, there seems to be at least a dozen wannabes or outright frauds trying to make a buck. As a consumer you have to be careful.

But I’m not just talking about the old, tired cheesy “life coach” types who claim they can change your life and make you a millionaire in only a few hours. There are a lot of legitimate consulting practices that can earn a lot of money. The business world seems to be the top of the pyramid (a friend of mine gets flown around the world for free AND banks mid-four-figures for a weekend of work consulting leaders at major corporations).

But below that there are booming industries in health/fitness, PR and marketing, tech and even therapy practices done online through Skype.

Pros: Flexible schedules, big-time corporate clients means big bucks, if not location independent then travel expenses are at least paid.

Cons: You need a legitimate expertise and a lot of credibility to get going two things that are not easily come by.

3. Web Design

I sometimes joke that if my primary business (this blog) went under, I’d become a web designer. Partly because I love doing web design. But also because that industry is such a racket right now. I can’t tell you how many people I've met while traveling who have asked me to take a look at their website and it’s been absolutely horrible. Ugly. Non-functional. Totally not user friendly.

Then they tell me how much they paid for it and my jaw drops. “I’m in the wrong business,” I usually say.

The fact is, most people hire people to build a website because they know them. There’s no centralized expert design firm or anything. There’s no industry standard. And the clients have no idea what makes a site good or bad, so they just make due with the lump of crap that’s handed to them.

I've done a number of site design gigs over the years. Most of them I did for fairly cheap because they were for friends or people I met. But others I made a pretty penny.

Pros: The bar is so low right now that anyone who teaches themselves CSS, HTML and how to install and customize WordPress is going to be halfway there. Web design can be fun too.

Cons: Screwed up market. People hire you because they know you, not because of your resume or track record, so you have to hunt down leads one by one. You can use the freelancing sites, but again, you have to compete with the Indians and Filipinos at a discount. But on the other hand, because of how many incompetent designers there are out there, you can get away with charging a lot more than you probably deserve. It’s the wild west out there.

4. Writing/Blogging

People start blogs with big dreams: easy money, internet celebrity, popping champagne bottles with P. Diddy. Unfortunately none of these things ever happen.

Let’s make this easy: Blogging is not a business plan. It’s a hobby. And if you’re lucky, it starts making you money one day.

People don’t realize that blogging has a ridiculous ramp-up time — it took me almost three years of writing every week to even reach 1,000 daily readers. That may sound a lot, but in the blog world, it’s not. If I didn't have my coaching work and my freelance web work in that period, I would have gone broke and given up. In fact, even WITH my coaching and web work, I still almost went broke and gave up.

Freelance writing gives a more immediate pay day, but it can be just as frustrating, just in other ways. Most major mainstream publications (Huffington Post, CNN.com, Salon, etc.) allow anyone to submit their story ideas and possibly get paid for them. The competition is thick though, and even if you do manage to break in, the pay is squat. Editors change your work and sometimes they don’t post it for months. It’s not a reliable or stable income.

Pros: If you love to write, it doesn't get any better.

Cons: No matter which way you go, there is VERY stiff competition. You have to be an excellent writer and you have to be able to do it at the drop of a hat. If you’re good and persistent, you’ll make it. If you’re not, then you’re just going to be frustrating yourself.

5. Poker

Many people don’t know this, but I spent much of my senior year of college playing poker seriously. I never turned pro, but I did turn $50 into about $5000 in less than a year.

Coincidentally (or maybe not), I've spent a fair amount of time around poker pros. My assistant is a former professional poker player. Many of my former dating coaching clients were professional poker players. Friends of mine have taken a stab at going pro and come close and failed.

Poker is easy to get good at but incredibly hard to be great at. Good will make you a little money, but being great is what makes you the big bucks. The earnings in poker scale exponentially. So the difference between being “pretty good” and “really good” can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a few years.

But getting to that “really good” level will require years of practice, analysis, studying, stress and discipline.

Pros: If you love it and are good at it, it can mean a lot of “easy” money after only a couple years of studying and playing. You have to take it seriously though, like you would a job. Also, if you start traveling, you get access to a lot of softer poker sites that aren’t available in the US due to restrictions, so it actually works in your favor to be abroad. Also, most foreign casino games are hilariously soft (I spent a couple weeks in Ukraine and paid for my entire time there with a few trips to the local casino).

Cons: As with any sort of gambling, there’s always the risk of going busto and losing everything. Poker can and likely will destroy your social life for stretches of time. Prepare for major emotional upswings and downswings depending on how well you did at the tables that day. It’s not an “easy” or “stress free” life like it would seem.

6. Stock/Options/FX Trading

People who trade for a living are rare. This is because anyone who’s not good at it quickly loses their money. But when you’re good, you can make a helluva lot.

The catch is that 1) you have to love it, 2) you have to spend an insane amount of time educating yourself about markets, and 3) you have to be willing to deal with the insane emotional stress of making $20,000 in an afternoon and then losing $30,000 that night after dinner. It’s like poker stress times five.

Periodically, I pick my friends’ brains about this stuff because I find it interesting and this is what I've gleaned: There is a lot of Shitty information out there. So much, that you’re better of just learning the fundamentals and then observing and developing your own principles and ideas based on your own experience and observations. You’re never going to learn more about a market than everybody else, and there are always going to be insiders who have more information than you. So the best you can do is learn to watch the trends among the other trades and react based on those.

7. ECommerce/Dropshipping

ECommerce sites are basically shopping sites. Think of Amazon as ultimate ECommerce site. It may be a store for sports supplements, wedding decorations, or cat furniture, but it’s a store set up online for shopping.

Drop shipping is when you outsource the actual manufacturing and inventory to a factory that you have no affiliation with.

For instance, let’s say I want to start a business that sells scarves. I can outsource the actual manufacturing of the scarves to a factory in China, and then connect them to my US-based online store. So when someone orders on my store, the factory automatically churns out the product and ships it over.

There’s a lot of logistical hassles involved in drop shipping businesses. There are also higher start up costs and more ways things can go wrong. One must be certain that there’s a strong market demand for whatever product they want to sell or you can lose money quickly.

But once drop shipping businesses are off the ground, they’re usually sustainable and consistently profitable. It’s how Tim Ferriss originally made his money. It’s also how Tropical MBA founder Dan Andrews makes his.

18 June 2014

Make Easy Money Online With ShareASale

What Is ShareASale Affiliate Network?

ShareASale is one of the most highly-awarded advertising networks in the world. In addition to its expertise as a market leader in the affiliate industry, the company provides tracking, reporting, and real-time commission statements for affiliate programs, along with an on-time and accurate payment to its affiliate members.

Why Using ShareASale Affiliate Network?

The first think to confess is that joining affiliate program is terrifying. Most of premium WordPress plugins I reviewed before runs their affiliate programs by their own. I can’t have any option to join the programs but to open their site one by one, registering, getting the links and check it regularly to see how good my progress is.

After joining ShareASale Affiliate Network the condition is exactly the opposite, I don’t need to register to product owner one by one like what I am doing with WordPress plugins, I can access all my links, copying my banner ads and affiliate links from merchants and see the stats in a single place on ShareASale.com 

ShareASale have thousands of Merchants

Another thing to consider about ShareASale affiliate network is that they have more than 3000 merchant, they have been online since 2000. ShareASale Affiliate program is one of the best affiliate management networks available today. With a wide range of products you can always find the best one that fit your blog niche.

The possibilities is almost endless to keep your reader happy because you stay at what you are talking about from the beginning. You just get a better result because you can now have passive income by writing what you are passionate about. Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content. shareasale.com.

ShareASale is not Only for Blog Owners

For a product owner, to be a merchant at ShareASale affiliate program is the best solution to leverage your marketing effort. ShareASale will helps you build your brand awareness, driving more traffic and sales with a low fees, 20% of commission you pay to your affiliate each sales occurrence.

What ShareASale Affiliate Network I Joined?

As I said that joining ShareASale affiliate network is a big time saver for blogger. There is no need for you to spend money to join, unless you will get some money if you joined. Some products that I already joined are RavenTools Internet Marketing tool , Genesis Framework (StudioPress) , WPEngine – The Best WordPress Hosting, Scribe by CopyBlogger Media, Thesis WordPress Themes by DIYThemes and aMember Pro.

Of course I also joined to ShareASale affiliate network program itself, I can’t refuse to enroll to the program because I can refer more people there. To better the result on their marketing, which means helping you, and I will get commission too.

15 June 2014

How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It simply means, selling other people products.

You can sell others stuff by promoting at your blog or website.

You will be paid by the merchant(affiliate program) if your readers/customers make a sale. In other words, you’ll be paid if anyone of your readers buy something which you refer on your blog.

Understood? I hope so. Let’s get into the next step.
How to become an affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your blog rather than making money with any other programs like Google AdSense, BSA, Infolinks etc.

There are thousands of merchants which have affiliate programs that they want to sell their stuff. You’ll earn money if you sell their products.

Few things to keep in mind while doing affiliate marketing
You can make more money by using email list
Before you recommend, use it personally and write an honest review post
Choose relevant products to promote
Use affiliate links at your email links, blog posts, sidebars etc
Track your affiliate sales using bit.ly
Top affiliate programs you might want to join


Clickbank is one of the top affiliate programs. You can make decent money using this affiliate network because it pays very good commissions.

You can find tens of thousands of digital products to promote through your blog.


If you want to sell your own products like eBooks, podcast or videos then this is the best choice.

Few Features of E-Junkie

Just $5 per month(you've to pay 5$ every month to E-junkie)
No transaction limit
No transaction fee

Amazon Associates Program

You’ll find all kinds of products here. No matter which blogging niche you’re in, you can still find relevant product for your blog using this program. Though it pays less commission, still you can make good money.

Share A Sale

Most of the top internet marketers are using this program. You don’t need to pay single penny to join this program because it’s FREE to join the Shareasale network.

You can use following individual products to do affiliate marketing

You can also promote individual products like
AWeber(aff. link)
Premium themes like Thesis, Genesis etc
eBooks like 31DBBB, other useful resources
Membership programs and the list goes on.

I personally recommend using individual products if you’re just starting. Because you don’t need massive traffic to make decent amount in the early days of your blog monetization process.

How to promote affiliate programs to earn money from your blog?

Though there are many ways to promote affiliate programs, the following are the best ways to make more money without selling your soul!

By writing reviews

If you’re using few products, then write reviews about them.

Ex: If you’re using AWeber, you can write a review about it and use affiliate links to it.

If you’re good enough to convince your readers about the product, the chances of their purchasing rate will be high.

Using banner ads

You can use banner ads to promote products. Placing them in the right places is really important and it totally depends on your skills. The more you are into affiliate marketing, the more skills you can gain!

Promoting through email lists: As I said before, email list should be your weapon to promote your products. If you've built a great list, the chances of getting paid via affiliate programs will be more. You can send affiliate links in your emails using AWeber. You can’t do this through MailChimp.

13 June 2014

How to Make Money As a ClickBank Affiliate

If you are looking for online opportunities to make money, ClickBank market place offers a fantastic option. In this post I am going to give you a step by step guide on how to start making money promoting ClickBank products without a website.
For those unfamiliar, ClickBank.com is a market place where product owners list their products in hopes of attracting affiliates who would promote their products in exchange for commission.
The website allegedly pays out as much as 75% commissions in their affiliate programs. One reason for such high payout is that they focus purely on electronic contents (Digital Products, e-books, etc…). As the distribution cost is practically zero, so product owners are able to expand the commissions for the affiliates.
Now, there are actually 2 ways to profit from ClickBank:
  1. Make money promoting CB products as an affiliate.
  2. Sell your own products on CB.
This post is mostly about a method I used (and still use) to profit as an affiliate marketer promoting other people’s products. But I will also briefly touch on the second option.

Making Money with ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

Getting Started

Regardless of the fact that you own or do not own a website, if your idea of making money is through affiliate marketing, you got to have products to promote.
And over at CB, the product choice any affiliate can find is enormous. Before you can promote any of their products, you need to be registered with them first.
So, to get started, register over at ClickBank.com. It will take you less than a minute.
Upon successful registration, you will be presented with a mind-boggling range of amazing products, each come with promise of huge commission. If nothing else, the high commission payout would get you excited.
Find a Product to Promote
Once you get access to the humongous database of products, sift through the collection and figure out a really good quality product for you to promote.
I would suggest don’t stray from the straight; find a product that you are already familiar with, or better still, have some expertise and knowledge about it.
While this is not a prerequisite for any product promotion activities, your habit of doing so would make things a lot easier going forward.
If the above is not an option, then pick on one that shows high gravity. It is an indication that the product has successful track record among previous affiliate marketers, so your chance of replicating this success is going to be enhanced.
Write Articles

Writing articles online and using them as a way to promote things is an effective strategy. Sit down, do some research about the product you have chosen in step 2 and write a few articles about it.
The sales page of the respective product should be a good source that you can use for your content.
Keep in mind that you are not at this moment trying to push for a sales pitch. All you want is to have the articles generating enough interest for your readers to click on your link so that they can learn more about the product.
These articles will play a central role to your online money making strategy. Your job as an affiliate marketer is to successfully entice readers to click the link on your articles so that they can be led to the products sales page.
Certain article directories allow you to incorporate your link within the article text itself, while others restrict the link to be included right at the end of the article or the section on bio data.
No matter what the rules are, your objective is to embed that link, and have a call to action.
It is worthwhile to point out that there are article sites that prohibit any affiliate link. What you would do in this case is to create a free blogspot blog, and have your link embedded there instead so that readers can still be led to the sales page, without contravening the rules on “affiliate links not allowed”.
Start an Article Marketing Campaign
Once you are done with your articles, try to submit to as many articles directories as practically possible. If you find the manual way of doing so is too tedious, an article submitter tool could be a good option for this purpose.
Alternatively, you just have to decide on the top few article directories you would submit your articles to.
I would try to submit to the top 5-10 article directories manually, then find someone on Fiverr, pay them $5 to submit to a few hundred other directories.
Make Sales & Money
On the assumption that your articles will get approved at the respective article directories, you can expect sales to start trickling through.
I have vast experience on this, but I never fail to get impressed how such simplicity could yield so amazing profits. Trust me, there are loads of people who choose to make money this way without investing any time and effort to build their own full-fledged websites.
It won’t take you that long to write a few decent articles and have them submitted to a few article directories.
In fact, you can be creative! By outsourcing  the written work to a freelancer, you could save both time and effort. There are plenty of decent freelance writers on websites such as freelancer.com and Fiverr, at a reasonable rate.
For articles submission, Fiverr has a service that submit articles to lots of article directories at five dollars a piece.

ClickBank is Not a Scam

Some argue that the whole thing is just a massive scam as they claim to never get any payment from them. Sure, there may be a few people here and there that may have been cheated a few times, but I think the majority of those who claim its a scam do so because they fail to take any action.
They for some reason have this idea that all it takes for them to make money is to write one or two articles and put them out there without doing any promotion.
Well, bad news is you ain't gonna make any money that way. It takes serious planning and effort to draw traffic, and then to turn traffic into sales, no matter what platform you are on.

11 June 2014

Make Money Online using Referral Program From Payza

Referring someone and earn money is good way to earn. Lot of sites is there which pays for referral. Today we will talk about Payza. Payza is an online payment gateway. It’s an e-wallet which helps us to pay and withdraw money. We can use this site internationally from any part of world.
Suppose if we want to purchase something online and want to use credit card. But concern about the credit card security. We can transfer money to Payza and pay from Payza. It is very secure.
Also we can send fund safely to to any other account using Payza.
Features such as send fund, Request funds, Add funds and Withdraw funds are available.
You can use all these features of Payza and also earn money for recommending the site to your friends, family, clients and contacts.
Refer someone and earn money. You can earn up to $10 USD per referral.
It’s simple just refer someone to use Payza, and if they meet the conditions below then you’ll get paid. All you have to do is copy and paste your personalized link or banner code into an email or your website to get started.
Terms and Conditions
  • Referrals must open a Personal or Business account and send/spend/receive at least $250.
  • Earn $5 for each of your first ten referrals and $10 each for every one after.
  • Self-referrals or referrals from the same IP address or device will not be rewarded.
  • You will only be rewarded for qualifying referrals who signed up through your link.

9 June 2014

Make Money Online with eBook Marketing

An eBook, as defined by Wikipedia, is "an electronic (or digital) equivalent of a conventional printed book." As the internet becomes more and more popular, so to does the transmission of digital information such as eBooks. Naturally, most of us want to find a way to profit from this new trend. If you are one of these people who are looking to make money online with eBooks, you have come to the right place.

Understanding and mastering these six areas of an eBay auction are absolutely essential to maximize the success and profitability of your auctions.
There are three basic ways to make money with eBooks. Writing your own eBooks, selling someone else's eBooks, or both.

Writing Your Own Ebook

First, let's take a look at writing your own eBooks. It's not all that difficult and if you have ever written an essay for a school assignment you have all the prerequisites already. You don't have to be an expert on your eBook subject, although it helps, as most information can be found online and in your local library. You don't even have to be a good writer as most word processors have grammar and spell checking tools.
So, once you decide that you want to write your own eBook, you need to find a "niche" market or subject to write about. The more specific you make your eBook, the better it will sell.

Your next step is to complete an outline and table of contents. Having an outline will help you organize your thoughts and ensure that your new eBook flows well and keeps the reader focused. Once your initial outline is done (you can modify it as you go) you need to start your research. Get a pen and paper and spend several hours researching web sites related to each and every chapter of your eBook. Taking notes with a pen and paper will help ensure that you do not run into plagiarism issues. Be sure to spend a few hours in your local library as well. Research is one of the most important steps, even if you consider yourself an expert on your topic.

Once your research is completed, you are ready to begin writing. Use your outline to keep your efforts organized and on topic. Start with a rough draft and then get your friends and family to proof read it. Never do your one proof reading and editing!

Once your eBook is written, ad some nice graphics and a cover page. Compile the eBook into an eBook format (I suggest PDFs) and you are finished. You should not have a unique and original eBook that you can sell.
Selling Someone Else's eBooks - Many of us don't have the "author" bug in us and the prospect of writing our own eBook reminds us of visiting the dentist. Do not fear, there are literally thousands of authors out there that need help selling there eBooks.

Selling eBooks is just another off-shoot of affiliate marketing. Sign up with an number of affiliate programs and sell the eBooks you want using your own website, email lists, or even word of mouth. Many people make their living selling eBooks using affiliate programs. You can read more about making money with affiliate marketing here.
Writing and Selling Your One eBook - This is actually a lot harder that people think. Most of us are good at writing or marketing, very few of us are good at both. However, if you feel you can handle both roles you can make even more money.

Use the section above to write your own eBook. Read out affiliate marketing section to better understand how affiliates work. Then, sign up as an advertiser with any number of affiliate programs.
As an advertiser, you tell the affiliate networks what price you want your new eBook sold for and what commission you want to offer your affiliates. In addition, you will want to make your own landing pages for your eBook so that your affiliates can send new customers to your eBook. We truly want to ensure that you make money with eBooks.

6 June 2014

Make Easy Money Through Online Auctions

Earning money from online auctions is one of the best ways to get started with your own home based business. It's one of the easiest home businesses to start, maintain, and earn a profit with. In fact almost anyone can do it, even teenagers! The concept is simple; buy a product cheap and sell it for a higher price. Think of it like having a neighborhood yards sale, you can sell old items that are just laying around the house or forgotten about in your attic. You can find unused items from your neighbors and friends, or buy a product online for cheap.
Does that mean that anyone can make money online? Well, yes in fact over $44.3 billion in gross merchandise has been sold through eBay last year alone. If you consider all of the other online auction sites like Half.com, uBid.com, ShopGoodWill.com etc. you can imagine why making money with online auctions has quickly become one of the most profitable business models available.

So, ask yourself this question; "How would you like to earn over $27,000 this year working from home"? Sounds pretty good right? O. K. now consider that $27,500 per year is only 0.001% of the $27.5 Billion sold through PayPal using eBay last year. While it's important to set realistic goals, be sure not to "sell" yourself short. Imagine making 0.01% of that $27.5 Billion. That equals $275,000 per year and that is only 0.01% of the online auction sales.

So, how can you start making money with online auctions? Well, the first step is to realize that the only person that can make it happen is you. Once you are motivated to start making money with auctions, read as much information as you can. The more you know the more money you will make.

For the purpose of keeping the business concept simple, we will concentrate only on eBay (the largest online auction site). However, as you become more proficient in online auctions be sure to expand your arena and try some other online auctions as well.
What you will need to get started:
  • A credit card, debit card, or other prepaid card
  • Computer and Internet Access
  • Product - Buy low and sell high
  • A few hours a day
  • A quite work environment
If you are not familiar with eBay, now would be a good time to go look at their site. It's easy to understand even though at first glance in may appear a little cluttered. You can sell anything you can imagine here. For example, a couple from Colorado recently sold real snow from the last snow storm. So, your imagination is your only limitation and remember that one person's junk is another person's treasure.
Obviously, getting the product at a low price and selling for a high price is the "meat and potatoes" of this business and is also the most complicated part. There are a number of wholesale warehouse that sell items for the specific purpose of allowing you to resell the products on online auctions. Often you can find items for sale with up to an 80% discount.

If all of this seems a little overwhelming, you might want to check out www.bidfuel.com. The site is designed to streamline the process of selling items on ebay and include an exclusive member warehouse and eBay auction wizard (it makes the auctions for you!) All you have to do is select which items to sell, and an auction template is made. The product is then directly shipped to your customer once they make a purchase. You don't have to manage any inventory either, it's all done for you. For a limited time bid fuel is offering free service and an eBay power user's bible. Be sure to check out bid fuel's online auction wizard here or you can read more about bid fuel and the other auction related sites here. Start your journey and make money with online auctions.

5 June 2014

Best Sites to Earn a Bit Of Money Online Easily 2014

Hi Everyone!  

All the sites i have listed below to make money online are legit sites verified after extensive research. You can earn a lot of money from each of them. I have joined these sites only after going through lots & lots of reviews and payment proofs posted on these sites as well as the forums and all these sites have a very good reputation. They are all free to join and no investment is required.

And the best part is its quite easy to earn from all these sites and doesn't take much time.  I have also included online games in the list which you can play to earn real money! Yes you heard me right:).
 I have given separate strategies for each site to make lot of money from each of them. 
Click on the images below each site name to join that site and start earning money. After you join, I can help you with further details, solve all your doubts regarding the sites and assist you as much as possible! :)  All these sites pay through PayPal. (Open a PayPal account if you dont have already. Its free to open an account). I recommend you join all the sites below to have the maximum earning potential. Well here it goes:-

1) Marketglory

Marketglory is a free game from which you can earn a lot of money. Sounds awesome right!! This is a very high paying game. In a week u can earn more than 2 euros by spending two minutes everyday. You can make much more if you spend more time or if you can get some referrals. Thats why this game is very popular and one of the best earning game online. The game is very simple to play and has a very simple user interface. This is an invitation only game. Please click the heading to join Marketglory
In the game you work, fight and then later you can set up companies, run for the government, gain military ranks and build your own organization. All countries are accepted.
MarketGlory has as a global currencies "€" and "GOLD" and local currency of your country. When you reach 20 € on your account you can withdraw this money to your PayPal account. You can reach this amount easily in a short time if you are active everyday (just a minute a day is enough if you are short on time). The game has 20% fee on withdrawals.
Playing MarketGlory everyday can give you a substantial income in real life.


All you have to do is fight and work everyday. Working takes just a click of a button and fighting is optional if you don't have much time to spend but fighting will give you more income. If u can you should fight at least 5 times a day. You get a good extra bonus for working continuously for 3 days in a row.  Also there are different bonuses awarded daily automatically which will add up to your balance. If you refer some people to the game you can earn still more. You will be awarded gold daily if you have active referrals and also for each referral you get you will be paid some amount of euros as bonus directly on 20th of every month. When you make some money, you should get some clothes which last for 10 days each. Clothes will give extra wellness and so more money when you work and fight. When you have enough money, you can use it to make much more ( for example, by starting your own company) or just withdraw them. You can reach 20 euros for cash out soon, if you are active everyday.

Ayuwage is a high paying well established site that has been online and paying since February 2010. This is the most popular and a fan favorite site since you can make at least 30 cents a day clicking ads alone. You can get a lot of ads paying 0.015 cents and a few even paying 0.025 cents. Also the ads have a short timer and you will get credited instantly. The site is very quick with payouts too. Once you reach 5$, you can cash out and you will have the money in your Paypal within 2 days.
But be careful. They are very strict with rules and if you are found cheating you will be banned after 3 warnings. But there is nothing to worry if u can just follow the simple instructions of viewing an ad for a specific number of seconds.
There are many other options to earn too. All countries are accepted. It pays through Paypal & Payza. The minimum amount is $5.00 which you can reach easily since you can earn a lot in a day. There is also an auto surf option to earn in which you can just open your browser and it will keep earning by itself (You don't have to do anything.You can just leave your computer and go outside.)
Note: You may not see any ads to click, when you first log in. This is the reason many people quit the site thinking ads are less. But they are missing the opportunity to earn from one of the best sites online due to lack of info on how the site works. Please just check the site multiple times a day and then you will hit the jackpot. You will get all ads to click one after another and make more than 30 cents at one go.


The ads are very high paying compared to other sites. Lot of ads are available and new ads keep coming throughout the day. Just from clicking all these ads we can make a lot of income. On top of this, we can make unlimited money through referrals. The site allows unlimited direct referrals which makes our income limitless. 10% of your referral earnings go to your account and so you can keep on referring people to this site and keep making more and more profit from each of them.

Paidverts is a very high paying free earning site. You have to view ads for 30 seconds each. Sometimes there are very high paying ads, even more than 20 cents for just one ad. All countries are accepted. The minimum payout amount is just $1.00 to PayPal.
You can earn a lot from paidvert and the best part is that its a highly trusted site and payment is guaranteed. Paidverts is owned by "Mytrafficvalue" which is a very reputed established site and has been paying its members on time from many years. You can easily make $1 in a short time and cash out to PayPal.
Earning is very easy in this site but you need to understand how it works. The ads are assigned to you only if you have BAP (Bonus Ad Points). To get BAP, you need to see activation ads of 30 seconds each. One activation ad will give you 50 BAP and you can see maximum of 8 "activation ads" in a day.


So here is the strategy. After logging in everyday, watch all the 8 activation ads to get 400 BAP. After some time, ads will be assigned to you. Watch these ads to get paid. When each ad is assigned to you, your BAP will decrease. So remember to click on your 5 "activation ads" everyday. If your BAP becomes zero, you wont get any more ads, till you watch more "activation ads" next day. As soon as you make 1$, don't cash out. You should invest it to make much more by buying the 1$ advertising package.
For every $1.00 advertising package you purchase, you get 3100 BAP free which will assign you ads worth $1.55 in the next few days. So for every $1 you spend, you will get $1.55 back and along with that you will also get 50 user visits (for 30 seconds each) to any site you want and also around 125 banner impressions. To do this, go to "Buy Ads" and click on "Create Campaign". Now enter your site/blog there to get 50 free visits from others and also 1.55$ worth of ads in the next few days. So every time you make a dollar, buy the 1$ advertising package to get 1.55$ back. As you keep doing this, your earning will keep increasing if you are active on the site.
Also know that once an ad is assigned to you, it will be available for only 18 hours. If you don't click it in 18 hours, it will be assigned (recycled) to someone else.
It may take some time for you to get ads even if you have lot of BAP. After i registered to this site and got my 500 BAP on the first day, i did not see any ads that day. But next day i had many ads and one ad which paid me 20 cents to watch it for 30 seconds. So just be patient and check the site again before 18 hours are over. The higher BAP you have, the higher paying ads you get.

Also there is a very useful feature called "ad filter" using which you can get only higher paying ad. It costs 10$ to set it once. But its worth it and makes earning easy and fast. I used it one time by paying 10$ and set my minimum ad value at $0.01. So i get only ads which pay above 1 cent. You can set it higher too. For example, you can set it so that you only get ads above 5 cents, 10 cents etc. This ad filter is highly recommended and you will make that 10$ back in short time. If you don't use the ad filter, you might get some low paying ads and you have to click more ads to make money.
You can earn still more by getting referrals. You will earn 10% of all ad purchases your referrals make and also earn 5% of the value of all ads your referrals watch.
Note: Once you click on an ad, you get 3 boxes with 3 sentences. You need to just copy those sentences and paste in the boxes. Then you will be able to see the ad. Copying and pasting those sentences is very easy. This is done so that the members have more exposure to the ad and this is the reason the advertisers are ready to pay such high prices for the ads.

What if I tell you I know a site where you can bet on sports completely free of charge (first of all sport betting is pure joy for anyone) and you get to keep your winnings in real cash. And if you lose, you get more free money to bet on. Too hard to believe? You can checkout their forum section to see payment proofs. For the smart ones out there who might challenge me with the question of how they are getting so much money to give their members, the answer is quite simple. They are funded through advertising revenue i.e. all the advertisements they are showing in their site.
SportsPlays is a free sports betting website where you can bet for free, and you can win real cash. All it takes is a little luck, or skill, or intelligence when it comes to predicting sports outcomes and you can end up with at least 100$ in your PayPal account. You do have to reach the $200 dollar mark to cash out to PayPal which is not that hard if you make the right choices. Every time you reach 200$ in your FreeSportsBet account, you can cash out in the ratio of 2:1 i.e you are paid 100$ to your Paypal account.

Here is how to make money from the site. You are initially given some amount of money to start placing your bets. You can use this money to bet on matches of NFL, NBA, college basketball, MLB, NHL, soccer, tennis, boxing MMA, WNBA etc. You can make plays on sides (up against the spread), money lines (straight-up) and totals (over/under). You can put straight bets, parlays and also teasers.
As you keep winning, you will have more money to bet, thereby making larger profits. Even if you lose all your money, Freesportsbet will just keep reimbursing you some amount of money to start playing again! Also, if you make bets for 7 consecutive days in a row, they will add 70 cents to your bonus account. Aside from betting, there are other ways you can add money to your account in freesportsbet. They have a cash accelerator where people can sign up for offers to make more money. You can also watch videos and take surveys, all to add more money to your account so that you have more money to place a bet. If you are quite lucky, you will reach 200$ in a short time.

GoalTycoon is a new game by the makers of marketglory. With the continued success and growth of Marketglory, they introduced a new free football management game which pays real money just like Marketglory. All countries are accepted. When you reach 20 € on your account you can withdraw this money to your PayPal account.
A new player will receive a predefined team from the start, composed of 11 players and 9 reserves, as well as 2 trainers. You will get a football team and a club park, which consists of a stadium, hotel, restaurant, clinic, parking lot, administrative building and training field. You will also have a team of advisors that will help develop your club, giving information about the necessities of the club stadium and other things.
Popularity is an important factor in GoalTycoon. As your popularity level becomes higher, so will your incomes, becoming substantial. A higher popularity entails more ticket paying fans that will come to your team’s games. Therefore, your club will be making more money. The popularity of your club will keep increasing as you win more matches.


You need not do anything. The matches will be automatically played and you will get paid after every match played in your home ground. Just remember to log in daily.
You will get paid from fans whenever a match is played in your home ground which is usually once in two days. Keep converting all the money you earn in local currency to gold and then to euros. These euros are added to club funds and when you make 10 euros in your club funds, you can transfer it to your manager funds and then use that money to buy more seats for the stadium. Each seat bought from market gives 100 more seats to the stadium and they will increase the money you earn from each home match. When you have more euros, upgrade the "Hotel" to higher levels so that you get more energy each day and you will win more matches.
You can start earning higher ticket incomes from the beginning itself if you invest some money and use it to buy more seats for your stadium. Otherwise you will have to just wait for some time and earn that money from the game and then upgrade the stadium.
Also you can earn more from referrals. Your referrals will pay a tax of 10% from each of their incomes. Along with that, you will be also be paid by the game every month in gold for all the active referrals you have.

GoldenBattles is another online game where you can have fun and earn money at the same time. All countries are accepted and minimum cash out is 15 euros to Paypal. It is a very interesting game and quite addictive.
It is quite easy and simple to play where you fight against aliens with a click of a button, and for that you earn money. You can work once per day, and later you can buy your own company, become president/minister of a country etc. This game has a very active social community and the chat section is always filled with fun conversations!


Here is the strategy to make good money from the game. During registration you can choose to be a citizen of any country you like. Choose "Hungary" because the bonus is high in that country and you can make good money there (Don't join Indonesia because its currency is weak). If you join as my referral (by clicking on the sub-heading above), after you log in, i will send you a welcome message explaining everything about the game and how to play to make good money. Anyways, in short, you need to fight till your stamina is over (stamina recharges 1 point every 20 minutes). Then work at night before you go to sleep. Do this everyday and in a few days you will have a good amount of money and you will be able to cash out 15 euros in a short time. You can make much more money by having some referrals. You could use the money you get to earn still more through a lot of ways, for example by opening companies.

Goldentowns is another very fun and addictive browser game which pays real money or 24k real gold. The graphics of this game is the best i have come across in any paying games. In GoldenTowns there is only a limited amount of virtual gold (100,000 GoldenTowns Coins), which is distributed gradually in a steady pace by players. The entire amount is covered by a growing amount of real gold in bullion 24k. The easiest way to win real money is to sell virtual gold for real money to other players who pay to your Paypal or other account. Each gold you sell, will get you a lot of euros to your Paypal or Payza account. You can also change your in-game gold for real 24k gold which will be sent to your address by the game company.
So in  goldentowns there are only 100,000 gold in circulation, 100% backed up by real gold. They constantly keep increasing the real gold reserve indefinitely so your virtual gold is more and more precious every second.
Your goal is to to build a great city, that has production, and military capabilities, and ultimately to earn lot of virtual gold that can be transferred into real cash, while having a lot of fun throughout.


Every new player gets a town. In the beginning, focus solely on developing infrastructure and increase production. You earn gold from bonuses, from selling resources, from wars and also from your referrals.
Start with the production of wood, stone, vegetables and food. Iron and clay is not needed much in the beginning of the game. Produce some unskilled workers in the city hall. You should upgrade stone, wood, meat and vegetables production factories to level 2 whenever you can and for this you will need to upgrade the connecting roads to level 2 too. Mainly build a gold mine and you can keep extracting gold from it everyday. Simultaneously start upgrading the road between the city Hall and the lower right corner of your town. Then build a market right below the middle bottom house . This will allow the three bottom houses to be upgraded to level 2 which will increase your happiness level. Then you can build a school and then train some police officers and other skilled workers. Continue like this and you will have a strong city soon with troops and weapons and then you can conquer other cities & countries and get some really good bonuses. You can also invest in the game if you wish to speed up earning money.
Also get some referrals and they will give a good extra income every day. Players referred by you will pay you 10% of all revenues, including gold forever. You can even sell your referrals for gold. Have fun and happy earning!

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