24 August 2014

20 Ways In Which You Can Easily Make Money Online

1. Make Money Online Filling Out Surveys

Fill Out Surveys: Sign up with one or more of the many survey companies easily found on the Internet and select the type of surveys which will suit you best. The forms of these surveys on products and/or are quite easy to fill out and they can earn you good extra money.

2. Make Money Online Selling on eBay

Sell on eBay: Tens of thousands of people are spending good amounts of cash on eBay each and every day of the year and sellers are making substantial amounts of money. There is no reason why you too should not take a bite out of this moneymaking online opportunity.

Obtaining a seller’s account at eBay is free, quick and easy and I suggest you practice their auction system by selling your own personal items which you no longer need or want.

3. Make Money Online Blogging

Blog: When they are set up effectively, monetized blogs can generate impressive incomes over time and to create them merely requires a minimal expense and some of your time and effort.

Serious bloggers who want to retain full control use their own domains but you can also utilize free hosting sites such as Blogger or WordPress.

4. Make Money Online Trading Binary

Trade Binary Options: Becoming a trader of binary options which are simply financial contracts requires no prior experience, just intuition to predict whether commodities such as gold, silver, international monetary exchange rates, etc. will go up or down in the immediate future.

Correct predictions in the trading binary options game can earn huge amounts of money very quickly.

5. Make Money Online with Websites

Create Websites: With rather small upfront investments for domain names and webhosting services, you can build and publish websites that can serve as your online storefronts for any number of great moneymaking techniques such as affiliate marketing, selling your own products, AdSense ads, etc.

Today’s Internet provides numerous easy and free platforms like WordPress for building, publishing and maintaining websites that rank well, drive search engine traffic that converts into sales that make good money.

6. Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing: As an affiliate marketer, you will direct buyers from your promotional website to vendors who will pay you commission for each completed sales transaction. It’s as simple as that and can be extremely lucrative.

All you need to do is join the right affiliate program, create your sales page and watch the money roll in.

7. Make Money Online with Facebook

Facebook: Being the most popular social media that’s becoming more and more fashionable all the time, tens or even hundreds of thousands of individuals from around the world are using Facebook each and every day. Thus it has become a very effective platform for making money online.

The process is quick, easy and fun. Simply sign up, create your Facebook page and start the networking process by branding yourself, your skills and your products / services.

8. Make Money Online by Website Flipping

Website Flipping: You can sharpen your skills and make good online money by building, developing and publishing websites and then selling them for profit. To ensure that the websites you intend to flip or sell have the following desirable attributes:

• High Google page rankings
• Attract substantial search engine traffic
• Visual appeal
• Consistently generate money via AdSense, affiliate links, paid memberships, paid ads, etc.

9. Make Money Online by Writing Content

Writing Content: Every website needs written content, informational or tutorial, and many site owners and/or webmasters either don’t know how to write or are afraid of the process. This opens up terrific opportunities for making money online by writing content for sites (websites and blogs) as well as eBooks, e-Magazines, e-Manuals, e-Newsletters, etc.

The downside to writing for the web is that it’s usually ghostwriting which means that credit will not be given. The upside, however, is that there is good money to be made directly or through classified ads and Craigslist as well as through services such as provided by vWorker and Elance.

10. How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense

Google AdSense: AdSense is an online money generating system that works on autopilot once it has been set up on a website or blog and has been known to bring in impressive profits.

It is a system whose membership is free and it pops in ads which are relevant to the content of the given site. Each time a visitor to your site clicks on one of the ads, you effortlessly earn some money.

11. Make Money Online by Promoting & Selling eBooks

Promoting & Selling eBooks: Today’s Internet is filled with countless eBooks on every topic imaginable and in every niche market. Since creators / writers of these eBooks are continually looking for help promoting and selling them, you can make terrific online money by becoming their affiliate marketer.

Of course, you can also write your own informational or tutorial eBooks and proceed to promote and sell them yourself. In this case the profits will be all yours as a posed to merely settling for commission.

12. Make Money Online with ClickBank

ClickBank: Having been named as America’s No. 1 affiliate network, ClickBank is the largest and most comprehensive online marketplace through which affiliate marketers can promote other developers’ digital products and vendors can sell digital information products that they’ve created themselves.

Listing tens of thousands of products, serving more than 200 countries around the world and providing incredible administrative services; ClickBank is the perfect venue for making money online.

13. Make Money Online via CPA Offers

CPA Offers: Gaining popularity all the time, CPA (Cost Per Action) is a way of making money online without actually selling anything. Add a CPA offer on you website and each time a visitor clicks on its link and proceeds by following directions to enter their name, email address, zip code, etc. you get paid.

Signing up as a CPA marketer is extremely easy and setting up the system on your site is completely intuitive.

14. Make Money Online by Trading Forex

Trading Forex: Much like buying and selling of stocks and bonds in the stock market, trading Forex is buying and selling foreign currencies for profit.

Although prior experience in trading is a definite plus, trading Forex is not at all hard to learn and the earning can be tremendous. I would highly recommend for newbies to start out with fake demo accounts and practice, practice, practice.

15. Make Money Online with Twitter

Twitter: Second only to Facebook in its scope within the social media environment, Twitter is a venue through which tens of thousands of members “tweet” communities consisting of families, friends, neighbors, associates, colleagues, etc. And much like Facebook, Twitter offers terrific opportunities for earning money online.

The key to cashing in through this platform is to compile a large list of contacts with whom trustworthy relationships are formed and cultivated overtime.

16. Make Money Online through Network Marketing or MLM

Network Marketing or MLM: Marketing researchers predict that network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) will be the fastest growing industry of the foreseeable future and the possibilities are nearly limitless. As a matter of fact, that is how wealthy individuals like Donald Trump and Tony Robbins have started out and you could too.

However, network marketing or MLM will require that you take time to learn the ropes and then be willing to invest the energy and hard work that is required for success in this highly profitable arena.

17. Make Money Online through Informational Membership Sites

Informational Membership Sites: Unlike most website that want to attract as many visitors as possible, membership sites allow access only to those individuals who have opted in or signed up to become paid members.

Select an interesting topic and provide worthwhile information, and your membership database will continue to grow and the proceeds will flow straight into your pockets.

18. Make Money Online by Writing for Other Bloggers

Writing for Other Bloggers: The Internet has many online companies which are constantly searching for writers for their blogs and a good example would be Creative Weblogging. Likewise, there are companies such as Pay U 2 Blog that would be willing to pay you for writing on your own blog.

Depending on how much time and effort you are willing and able to invest, you can opt for both options and you can sign up with multiple companies. How much online money you will be making is entirely up to you.

19. Make Money Online by Bringing Offline Products to the Web

Bring Offline Product to the Web: Becoming a sales agent for a company that sells products which have not yet been introduced to the net is a great way to make money online because the competition has not yet formed.

Perform your due diligence, launch a great promotional website around such products and sell to your heart’s content because you will have no rivals who might snatch your customers away.

20. How to Make Money Online by Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant: If you have marketable skills such as administrative, accounting, bookkeeping, editing, translating, proofreading, etc. and you own a computer that has a good Internet connection and a working telephone; there is no reason why you could not earn great online money by working from the comfort of your own home.

With telephone services, online and cell phone messaging and emails you could be communicating and transferring project back and forth with individuals and/or companies all over the world.

13 August 2014

How to Make Money Commenting On Kingged.com

My first encounter with kingged.com was through a comment made on one of my articles on earnmoneyonline4998.com. I however took that as a normal comment from a visitor. Well, this soon changed as the comments were regular and full of value. Next, my Google Analytics stats soon started talking of kingged.com. There was an interesting number of referral traffic coming to my blog from this content network.

Make money commenting on Kingged.com

This is not a joke! Kingged.com is giving everyone an opportunity to make money online even without a blog. All you need to do is connect to the site, comment on the posts that are being published and win money. Up to $1000 is put aside every month for commentators and social media users. Though this is a contest, everyone commenting on the platform can win.

Traffic, exposure, leads and profits

While kingged.com is giving us this opportunity today to make money commenting on it, there is more in that package. I have shown you above that targeted traffic is part of the deal. Now, from details given on this contest page, you realize it’s not just about the money. While commenting, you get more traffic, links, exposure, friendship, leads, etc.

How much money can you make by commenting on kingged?

It all depends on you. You can make up your mind to earn more by being more active. Beside commenting, you can do some more social media promotion and be paid. As a matter of fact, you also get paid to post to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Isn't that an interesting opportunity?

Simple reason why people don’t make money online

I can tell you for sure that there is just one big reason people don’t make money online. They don’t focus. They keep jumping from one cheap “big thing” to the other leaving behind the real gold that requires just a little effort. Who even told you you can make money without work?

Here is a real opportunity you can focus on and make real money. Give kingged.com a try. Stop messing around and wasting time running behind some crazy millionaires claim.

Yes, you can make money with this opportunity kingged is offering you. Head over to the contest page and read more.

10 August 2014

Make Some Easy Money With Google Helpouts

HelpOuts is something that will forever change the landscape of Internet Marketing. It is a new way to connect people who need help with people who can give help over live video. Regular people like you can signup to become a helpouts instructor and charge for your time.

There are so many ways you can offer help on Helpouts and make money: You can teach someone how to fix his garage door, or how to remove a computer virus from his PC, how to install and configure WordPress, how to setup a WordPress plugin or Template, how to install an app on mobile phone, how to work in cPanel, how to backup database, how to use any software, etc. It basically starts from anything and ends at anything. There is no limit. People need help every moment and are ready to pay for it.

How Can You Use Google Helpouts?

Business owners and marketers can use Google Helpouts as an integral part of growing a business. Use Helpouts to set yourself up as an expert in your field by helping people who need your knowledge.

If you’re seeking to hire a new employee or consultant and you want to vet their expertise, search Helpouts and see all of the people who consider themselves an expert in the field. Then invite them to a Helpout and give them a problem to solve or ask them questions on topics to see how they answer them.

Students who need help on their assignments can jump onto a Helpout and get immediate assistance. If you’re a teacher or a tutor, you can become a Helpout instructor and create a small side business to complement your love of teaching.

Since Helpouts are built on Google’s Hangouts technology, all of the features you find in Hangouts are available to use in Helpouts. These include remote desktop, Google drive, the handy YouTube video app and other tools that are useful for giving advice, doing demonstrations and sharing files.

How Can You Monetize Google Helpouts?

Helpouts instructors are given full control of how much they charge for their live video help sessions.

You can either give your sessions for free or charge a fee for your expertise. You might choose to charge by the minute or find that charging by an increment of time (say $20 for 15 minutes) works better for your business model.

Just browsing through the Helpouts website, you can see that some people are charging $50-$150 per hour to offer their advice on all sorts of topics. Google handles all of the billing and retains 20% of the fee as their share, paying the instructor 80% of the fee collected each month.

It’s very exciting to discover ways that entrepreneurs can generate additional leads, plus publicly promote their brand and make money in a very simple manner. Google Helpouts do all three of these things effortlessly.

Why Become a Helpouts Instructor?

Google is looking for people to offer their services and advice to others. If you’re an expert in your field and already use social media to share your knowledge, wisdom or expertise, then you should consider becoming a Helpouts instructor.

It’s taken most of us years to grow status as an expert in our field. Now anyone with an approved Helpouts instructor account who delivers quality content can make additional income, and most importantly, be known as an expert in their field.

5 August 2014

Earn Easy Money With Top Affiliate Networks

CJ Affiliate Network

CJ (Commission Junction) have impressive list of most demanded environment-friendly offerings of “Green” product categories like Clothing/Apparel, Beauty, Food and Drinks, Computer and Electronics, Health and Wellness, Gifts and Flowers, Home and Garden, Recreation and Leisure and travel.

Consumers demand has shown steady growth for years with no signs of slowing down. Affiliates can diversify their offerings with developing new marketing channel along with the CJ merchants focusing on green products and services.

Advantages to join this network

  • CJ targets larger merchants in comparison to ShareASale
  • Wide variety of products/services/companies to promote
  • Exclusive network that offers green products
  • Better quality products than ClickBank
  • No cheap and nasty books to read
  • Options to direct link products with variety of links including text, images, buttons or banners
  • Reasonable statistical information

Why do you choose this affiliate network?

  • Largest Affiliate marketing network in North America
  • Established Merchants with 500 retailers, 62% powered by CJ
  • Tons of affiliate banners involved
  • Selling of Green products which is present demand
  • Directly linking individual products, the most effective way for affiliate sales
  • Centralized and secured affiliate payment system


ClickBank deals with digital products which can be downloaded after purchase. It holds variety of products mainly software products like gambling, eBooks, Health and fitness products, green products, food, wine, cooking and e-business, e-marketing and self-help eBook products.

The quality of affiliate products may not be predicted as you may find unknown companies listed on ClickBank. However, ClickBank offers “Gravity” score of each product which specifies how many different affiliates have sold this product over past 8 weeks. Higher the gravity, better is the product.

Advantages to join Clickbank

  • Easiest network to start with affiliate marketing program
  • May not find such quantum of products in LinkShare or ShareASale
  • Unlike any other network, gravity score system shows quality of products.
  • Unlike Adsense, can promote product of your liking
  • Deliver almost 70% commission of the product price

Why do you choose this affiliate network?

  • Easy and simple creation of account to start with
  • More control on selecting affiliate products
  • Can track your performance with adding your own tracking code
  • More generous commission paid to the affiliates
  • Affiliate can add search feature for ClickBank products on their website

Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Associates Program is largest and most well-known affiliate networks worldwide with over 100,000 book titles and 40,000 products in hundreds of categories and subcategories that include cloth and fabrics, food, common metal, Alternative fuel, extreme sports, farm and gardening.

Advantages to join this Amazon Associates Program

  • According to Nielson Research, Amazon is the most trusted brand
  • Affiliate can personalized ads for your visitors, display product reviews or have your online store
  • Offers simpler user interface in comparison to its nearest competitor CJ
  • Affiliate get access to Associates Central – Amazon’s extranet for associates to build links, view traffic,earning reports and latest news
  • Competitive commission nearly 10% on each sale that you generate unlike other network with just 8.5%
  • Loves their affiliates giving great and instantaneous support in their problems

Why do you choose this Amazon Associates Program?

  • Easy set up
  • Offer huge array of products
  • Offers great commission
  • Offer multiple choice of payment
  • Offer great support

ShareASale Affiliate

ShareASale is another affiliate program primarily servicing over 2500 advertisers (merchants) and over million publishers (affiliates). ShareASale is merchant mix that goes well with niches like web development, Internet marketing, green products, or niche fashion. Affiliates can freely register and find products to promote that are available from merchants while merchants use ShareASale to implement, track and manage their products markets by affiliates.

Advantages to join this network ShareASale Affiliate

  • Product/services convert well in your niche which is most “likes” to affiliates
  • Offer niche brands with strong ability to connect major brands unlike Google which offers niche products
  • Affiliate interface is user-friendly
  • Offers much transparent ranking to its nearest competitor LinkShare
  • Offers 30-90 days cookie length from your visitor’s initial click, Google offer just 7 days cookie length
  • Offer pay-per-click, pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale commission
  • Offer better and assured earnings with no worry of CDR policy.
  • ShareASale Treat affiliates well and fairly trusted in time payment

  • Why do you choose this ShareASale Affiliate?

  • Affiliate interface is powerful command center for your business
  • Reliable and secured network
  • Quite competitive commission rates
  • Comprehensive commission tracking, commission payouts, link generation
  • Ease of commission payment
  • Commendable affiliate support system

Google Affiliate Network

Google affiliate marketing network is becoming powerful force with blessing of its parent company Google. It deals with regular household products such as clothing, tools or any products that are available in the mall.Google affiliate network may not be much popular for the reason that the network is not tailored to certain types of niche. Affiliates who are involved in blogging, money making and related niche then you may find very few products worth promoting.

Advantages to join this Google Affiliate Network

  • Works on Cost Per Action
  • High performing advertisers
  • Save time with speedy and intuitive interface
  • Track conversion and access real-time reporting
  • Integration with Google Adsense gives additional earning with Adsense commission
  • Enjoy local payments via Adsense account

Why do you choose this Google Affiliate Network?

  • Easy to Use with perfect listing of categories and subtitle with comfortable navigation
  • Easy to use search option with intelli-sense typing
  • Detailed marketing material including link generator, data feeds, banners etc
  • Great reporting and tracking features in Google Affiliate Network
  • Ample support from knowledgeable customer support representative

LinkShare Affiliate Network

LinkShare is especially useful for aspiring merchants who research popular brands from niche affiliate marketing that they want to advertise on their sites. LinkShare is boon for advertisers (merchants/vendors) and publisher (affiliate) network meet for benefit of both the parties seeking right partners for their online business.

Advantages to join this affiliate network

  • Reliability network with most prestigious and fortune 500 brands
  • Chance to promote only branded and quality products unlike any other network
  • Over 500 retailers and fantastic programs, each categorized on type of products/services
  • Availability of educational tools, strategic help from development team
  • Network that will not be ignored by affiliate to partner with leading brands

Why do you choose LinkShare?

  • Convenience to both affiliate and merchants
  • All needful merchant services at single place saving lot of time and efforts
  • Affiliate can choose partners by comparing products, commission rate, and benefits
  • Excellent tracking services with comprehensive reports and statements, sales and commission rates of your business partners
  • Analytics help to take critical business decisions
  • Affiliate will get lump sum commission

Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window is not only largest but award-winning affiliate marketing company in the UK with over 75,000 registered affiliates, over 750 blue-chip merchants. Typically, affiliates of this network are online publisher or partner who has access to traffic and sends traffic via links to your site. In turn, affiliates will earn commission based on any sales generated from this traffic. This model is commonly known as Cost Per Action (CPA) which is more transparent and accountable than Cost Per Click (CPC) model.

Advantages to join this Affiliate Window

  • Offers range of products/services in ecommerce marketplace to enable partners to grow through technology, engaged traffic and profitable ROI
  • Offers exclusive and extensive business model to their merchants and affiliates with ShopWindow and ConentWindow
  • ShopWindow is product comparison engine holding over 5 million products from mainstream and niche merchants
  • ContentWindow is widgets to complement site content with relevant product offers and services
  • Offer more transparent and accountable Cost Per Action (CPA) model instead of older Cost Per Click (CPC) model

Why do you choose Affiliate Window?

  • Broad base of merchants for affiliates to promote
  • Best performing banner servers
  • Good reporting software to track clicks and conversions accurately
  • Innovative product feeds, widgets etc to provide dynamic content for your site
  • Two Tier Commission structure; 5% commission participating with merchants and some additional payouts dependent on profit margins


LinkConnector is a well-constructed affiliate marketing program with a professional business model, helping merchants and affiliates increase online sales. Offers all standard affiliate program benefits, but is also changing the face of affiliate marketing to better meet your expectations. Affiliate can help individuals, companies, webmasters to finding way to market their online businesses and increase profits

Advantages to join this LinkConnector

  • Offers same solutions as other affiliate program with new different approach using naked link technology
  • Allows affiliates to directly link to merchant’s site without any parameters
  • Helps affiliate to find out most profitable and optimal promotions for you out of several other promotions
  • Target to make earn more money for both affiliates as well as merchants

Why do you choose LinkConnector?

  • Dedicated Affiliate Relation team
  • Access to hundreds of top merchants campaigns
  • More choices with novel technologies like Standard Links, Naked Links
  • Advanced reporting and easy to use interface
  • Customized communication
  • Zero tolerance fraud policy

Neverblue Affiliate Program

NeverBlue again is global affiliate marketing network that bring affiliates and online advertisers together as partners with carefully monitored advertising. Affiliate can use various marketing tactics like search engine marketing, email marketing, contextual advertising, incentive marketing and banner ads to focus on lead generation.

Advantages to join Neverblue Affiliate Program

  • Proprietary technology model makes you earn faster
  • Two contact for every affiliate Client Service and Network Manager
  • Values affiliates very strongly being premier of lead generation network
  • Allow to use of creative mediums like search, banner, email, social media networks
  • Accurate and generous payouts with exceptional rewards for high quality affiliates

Why do you choose Neverblue Affiliate Program?

  • Easy to work with
  • Great advertising experience
  • Offer proprietary platform
  • Generous payouts

PepperJam Affiliate Network

PepperJam is becoming popular and biggest affiliate website with most trusted brands. It offers best products for bloggers and website owners who earn through affiliate marketing. PepperJam hold over 700 merchants in 28 astounding product categories like Family, Foods and Drinks, Toys, Recreation, Leisure, Travel, Art, Education, Legal, Automotive, Games, Sports and Fitness, Computers and Electronics, Art and Music, Insurance, E-Commerce, Marketing Books, Financial Services, Businesses etc.

Advantages to join PepperJam Affiliate Network

  • Offer “PepperJam Ads” where affiliate can use widget to show customized niche ads to your website that come from single or multiple advertisers
  • Ad units comes in various dimension and size
  • “PepperJam Ads” is another medium to earn online
  • Offers chat feature for affiliate to communicate with any advertiser facilitating smooth business relationship

Why do you choose PepperJam Affiliate Network?

  • Link your favorite products
  • Create dedicated product feed websites
  • Supplements your existing content
  • Add additional value to your coupon or incentives
  • State of art real time reporting like commission report, transaction summary, transaction details, traffic reports

By now you must have decided which affiliate marketing network you want to go with. Share your story if you have ever worked with any of the top affiliate networks listed in this article and made money from this.

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