5 June 2014

Best Sites to Earn a Bit Of Money Online Easily 2014

Hi Everyone!  

All the sites i have listed below to make money online are legit sites verified after extensive research. You can earn a lot of money from each of them. I have joined these sites only after going through lots & lots of reviews and payment proofs posted on these sites as well as the forums and all these sites have a very good reputation. They are all free to join and no investment is required.

And the best part is its quite easy to earn from all these sites and doesn't take much time.  I have also included online games in the list which you can play to earn real money! Yes you heard me right:).
 I have given separate strategies for each site to make lot of money from each of them. 
Click on the images below each site name to join that site and start earning money. After you join, I can help you with further details, solve all your doubts regarding the sites and assist you as much as possible! :)  All these sites pay through PayPal. (Open a PayPal account if you dont have already. Its free to open an account). I recommend you join all the sites below to have the maximum earning potential. Well here it goes:-

1) Marketglory

Marketglory is a free game from which you can earn a lot of money. Sounds awesome right!! This is a very high paying game. In a week u can earn more than 2 euros by spending two minutes everyday. You can make much more if you spend more time or if you can get some referrals. Thats why this game is very popular and one of the best earning game online. The game is very simple to play and has a very simple user interface. This is an invitation only game. Please click the heading to join Marketglory
In the game you work, fight and then later you can set up companies, run for the government, gain military ranks and build your own organization. All countries are accepted.
MarketGlory has as a global currencies "€" and "GOLD" and local currency of your country. When you reach 20 € on your account you can withdraw this money to your PayPal account. You can reach this amount easily in a short time if you are active everyday (just a minute a day is enough if you are short on time). The game has 20% fee on withdrawals.
Playing MarketGlory everyday can give you a substantial income in real life.


All you have to do is fight and work everyday. Working takes just a click of a button and fighting is optional if you don't have much time to spend but fighting will give you more income. If u can you should fight at least 5 times a day. You get a good extra bonus for working continuously for 3 days in a row.  Also there are different bonuses awarded daily automatically which will add up to your balance. If you refer some people to the game you can earn still more. You will be awarded gold daily if you have active referrals and also for each referral you get you will be paid some amount of euros as bonus directly on 20th of every month. When you make some money, you should get some clothes which last for 10 days each. Clothes will give extra wellness and so more money when you work and fight. When you have enough money, you can use it to make much more ( for example, by starting your own company) or just withdraw them. You can reach 20 euros for cash out soon, if you are active everyday.

Ayuwage is a high paying well established site that has been online and paying since February 2010. This is the most popular and a fan favorite site since you can make at least 30 cents a day clicking ads alone. You can get a lot of ads paying 0.015 cents and a few even paying 0.025 cents. Also the ads have a short timer and you will get credited instantly. The site is very quick with payouts too. Once you reach 5$, you can cash out and you will have the money in your Paypal within 2 days.
But be careful. They are very strict with rules and if you are found cheating you will be banned after 3 warnings. But there is nothing to worry if u can just follow the simple instructions of viewing an ad for a specific number of seconds.
There are many other options to earn too. All countries are accepted. It pays through Paypal & Payza. The minimum amount is $5.00 which you can reach easily since you can earn a lot in a day. There is also an auto surf option to earn in which you can just open your browser and it will keep earning by itself (You don't have to do anything.You can just leave your computer and go outside.)
Note: You may not see any ads to click, when you first log in. This is the reason many people quit the site thinking ads are less. But they are missing the opportunity to earn from one of the best sites online due to lack of info on how the site works. Please just check the site multiple times a day and then you will hit the jackpot. You will get all ads to click one after another and make more than 30 cents at one go.


The ads are very high paying compared to other sites. Lot of ads are available and new ads keep coming throughout the day. Just from clicking all these ads we can make a lot of income. On top of this, we can make unlimited money through referrals. The site allows unlimited direct referrals which makes our income limitless. 10% of your referral earnings go to your account and so you can keep on referring people to this site and keep making more and more profit from each of them.

Paidverts is a very high paying free earning site. You have to view ads for 30 seconds each. Sometimes there are very high paying ads, even more than 20 cents for just one ad. All countries are accepted. The minimum payout amount is just $1.00 to PayPal.
You can earn a lot from paidvert and the best part is that its a highly trusted site and payment is guaranteed. Paidverts is owned by "Mytrafficvalue" which is a very reputed established site and has been paying its members on time from many years. You can easily make $1 in a short time and cash out to PayPal.
Earning is very easy in this site but you need to understand how it works. The ads are assigned to you only if you have BAP (Bonus Ad Points). To get BAP, you need to see activation ads of 30 seconds each. One activation ad will give you 50 BAP and you can see maximum of 8 "activation ads" in a day.


So here is the strategy. After logging in everyday, watch all the 8 activation ads to get 400 BAP. After some time, ads will be assigned to you. Watch these ads to get paid. When each ad is assigned to you, your BAP will decrease. So remember to click on your 5 "activation ads" everyday. If your BAP becomes zero, you wont get any more ads, till you watch more "activation ads" next day. As soon as you make 1$, don't cash out. You should invest it to make much more by buying the 1$ advertising package.
For every $1.00 advertising package you purchase, you get 3100 BAP free which will assign you ads worth $1.55 in the next few days. So for every $1 you spend, you will get $1.55 back and along with that you will also get 50 user visits (for 30 seconds each) to any site you want and also around 125 banner impressions. To do this, go to "Buy Ads" and click on "Create Campaign". Now enter your site/blog there to get 50 free visits from others and also 1.55$ worth of ads in the next few days. So every time you make a dollar, buy the 1$ advertising package to get 1.55$ back. As you keep doing this, your earning will keep increasing if you are active on the site.
Also know that once an ad is assigned to you, it will be available for only 18 hours. If you don't click it in 18 hours, it will be assigned (recycled) to someone else.
It may take some time for you to get ads even if you have lot of BAP. After i registered to this site and got my 500 BAP on the first day, i did not see any ads that day. But next day i had many ads and one ad which paid me 20 cents to watch it for 30 seconds. So just be patient and check the site again before 18 hours are over. The higher BAP you have, the higher paying ads you get.

Also there is a very useful feature called "ad filter" using which you can get only higher paying ad. It costs 10$ to set it once. But its worth it and makes earning easy and fast. I used it one time by paying 10$ and set my minimum ad value at $0.01. So i get only ads which pay above 1 cent. You can set it higher too. For example, you can set it so that you only get ads above 5 cents, 10 cents etc. This ad filter is highly recommended and you will make that 10$ back in short time. If you don't use the ad filter, you might get some low paying ads and you have to click more ads to make money.
You can earn still more by getting referrals. You will earn 10% of all ad purchases your referrals make and also earn 5% of the value of all ads your referrals watch.
Note: Once you click on an ad, you get 3 boxes with 3 sentences. You need to just copy those sentences and paste in the boxes. Then you will be able to see the ad. Copying and pasting those sentences is very easy. This is done so that the members have more exposure to the ad and this is the reason the advertisers are ready to pay such high prices for the ads.

What if I tell you I know a site where you can bet on sports completely free of charge (first of all sport betting is pure joy for anyone) and you get to keep your winnings in real cash. And if you lose, you get more free money to bet on. Too hard to believe? You can checkout their forum section to see payment proofs. For the smart ones out there who might challenge me with the question of how they are getting so much money to give their members, the answer is quite simple. They are funded through advertising revenue i.e. all the advertisements they are showing in their site.
SportsPlays is a free sports betting website where you can bet for free, and you can win real cash. All it takes is a little luck, or skill, or intelligence when it comes to predicting sports outcomes and you can end up with at least 100$ in your PayPal account. You do have to reach the $200 dollar mark to cash out to PayPal which is not that hard if you make the right choices. Every time you reach 200$ in your FreeSportsBet account, you can cash out in the ratio of 2:1 i.e you are paid 100$ to your Paypal account.

Here is how to make money from the site. You are initially given some amount of money to start placing your bets. You can use this money to bet on matches of NFL, NBA, college basketball, MLB, NHL, soccer, tennis, boxing MMA, WNBA etc. You can make plays on sides (up against the spread), money lines (straight-up) and totals (over/under). You can put straight bets, parlays and also teasers.
As you keep winning, you will have more money to bet, thereby making larger profits. Even if you lose all your money, Freesportsbet will just keep reimbursing you some amount of money to start playing again! Also, if you make bets for 7 consecutive days in a row, they will add 70 cents to your bonus account. Aside from betting, there are other ways you can add money to your account in freesportsbet. They have a cash accelerator where people can sign up for offers to make more money. You can also watch videos and take surveys, all to add more money to your account so that you have more money to place a bet. If you are quite lucky, you will reach 200$ in a short time.

GoalTycoon is a new game by the makers of marketglory. With the continued success and growth of Marketglory, they introduced a new free football management game which pays real money just like Marketglory. All countries are accepted. When you reach 20 € on your account you can withdraw this money to your PayPal account.
A new player will receive a predefined team from the start, composed of 11 players and 9 reserves, as well as 2 trainers. You will get a football team and a club park, which consists of a stadium, hotel, restaurant, clinic, parking lot, administrative building and training field. You will also have a team of advisors that will help develop your club, giving information about the necessities of the club stadium and other things.
Popularity is an important factor in GoalTycoon. As your popularity level becomes higher, so will your incomes, becoming substantial. A higher popularity entails more ticket paying fans that will come to your team’s games. Therefore, your club will be making more money. The popularity of your club will keep increasing as you win more matches.


You need not do anything. The matches will be automatically played and you will get paid after every match played in your home ground. Just remember to log in daily.
You will get paid from fans whenever a match is played in your home ground which is usually once in two days. Keep converting all the money you earn in local currency to gold and then to euros. These euros are added to club funds and when you make 10 euros in your club funds, you can transfer it to your manager funds and then use that money to buy more seats for the stadium. Each seat bought from market gives 100 more seats to the stadium and they will increase the money you earn from each home match. When you have more euros, upgrade the "Hotel" to higher levels so that you get more energy each day and you will win more matches.
You can start earning higher ticket incomes from the beginning itself if you invest some money and use it to buy more seats for your stadium. Otherwise you will have to just wait for some time and earn that money from the game and then upgrade the stadium.
Also you can earn more from referrals. Your referrals will pay a tax of 10% from each of their incomes. Along with that, you will be also be paid by the game every month in gold for all the active referrals you have.

GoldenBattles is another online game where you can have fun and earn money at the same time. All countries are accepted and minimum cash out is 15 euros to Paypal. It is a very interesting game and quite addictive.
It is quite easy and simple to play where you fight against aliens with a click of a button, and for that you earn money. You can work once per day, and later you can buy your own company, become president/minister of a country etc. This game has a very active social community and the chat section is always filled with fun conversations!


Here is the strategy to make good money from the game. During registration you can choose to be a citizen of any country you like. Choose "Hungary" because the bonus is high in that country and you can make good money there (Don't join Indonesia because its currency is weak). If you join as my referral (by clicking on the sub-heading above), after you log in, i will send you a welcome message explaining everything about the game and how to play to make good money. Anyways, in short, you need to fight till your stamina is over (stamina recharges 1 point every 20 minutes). Then work at night before you go to sleep. Do this everyday and in a few days you will have a good amount of money and you will be able to cash out 15 euros in a short time. You can make much more money by having some referrals. You could use the money you get to earn still more through a lot of ways, for example by opening companies.

Goldentowns is another very fun and addictive browser game which pays real money or 24k real gold. The graphics of this game is the best i have come across in any paying games. In GoldenTowns there is only a limited amount of virtual gold (100,000 GoldenTowns Coins), which is distributed gradually in a steady pace by players. The entire amount is covered by a growing amount of real gold in bullion 24k. The easiest way to win real money is to sell virtual gold for real money to other players who pay to your Paypal or other account. Each gold you sell, will get you a lot of euros to your Paypal or Payza account. You can also change your in-game gold for real 24k gold which will be sent to your address by the game company.
So in  goldentowns there are only 100,000 gold in circulation, 100% backed up by real gold. They constantly keep increasing the real gold reserve indefinitely so your virtual gold is more and more precious every second.
Your goal is to to build a great city, that has production, and military capabilities, and ultimately to earn lot of virtual gold that can be transferred into real cash, while having a lot of fun throughout.


Every new player gets a town. In the beginning, focus solely on developing infrastructure and increase production. You earn gold from bonuses, from selling resources, from wars and also from your referrals.
Start with the production of wood, stone, vegetables and food. Iron and clay is not needed much in the beginning of the game. Produce some unskilled workers in the city hall. You should upgrade stone, wood, meat and vegetables production factories to level 2 whenever you can and for this you will need to upgrade the connecting roads to level 2 too. Mainly build a gold mine and you can keep extracting gold from it everyday. Simultaneously start upgrading the road between the city Hall and the lower right corner of your town. Then build a market right below the middle bottom house . This will allow the three bottom houses to be upgraded to level 2 which will increase your happiness level. Then you can build a school and then train some police officers and other skilled workers. Continue like this and you will have a strong city soon with troops and weapons and then you can conquer other cities & countries and get some really good bonuses. You can also invest in the game if you wish to speed up earning money.
Also get some referrals and they will give a good extra income every day. Players referred by you will pay you 10% of all revenues, including gold forever. You can even sell your referrals for gold. Have fun and happy earning!

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