10 August 2014

Make Some Easy Money With Google Helpouts

HelpOuts is something that will forever change the landscape of Internet Marketing. It is a new way to connect people who need help with people who can give help over live video. Regular people like you can signup to become a helpouts instructor and charge for your time.

There are so many ways you can offer help on Helpouts and make money: You can teach someone how to fix his garage door, or how to remove a computer virus from his PC, how to install and configure WordPress, how to setup a WordPress plugin or Template, how to install an app on mobile phone, how to work in cPanel, how to backup database, how to use any software, etc. It basically starts from anything and ends at anything. There is no limit. People need help every moment and are ready to pay for it.

How Can You Use Google Helpouts?

Business owners and marketers can use Google Helpouts as an integral part of growing a business. Use Helpouts to set yourself up as an expert in your field by helping people who need your knowledge.

If you’re seeking to hire a new employee or consultant and you want to vet their expertise, search Helpouts and see all of the people who consider themselves an expert in the field. Then invite them to a Helpout and give them a problem to solve or ask them questions on topics to see how they answer them.

Students who need help on their assignments can jump onto a Helpout and get immediate assistance. If you’re a teacher or a tutor, you can become a Helpout instructor and create a small side business to complement your love of teaching.

Since Helpouts are built on Google’s Hangouts technology, all of the features you find in Hangouts are available to use in Helpouts. These include remote desktop, Google drive, the handy YouTube video app and other tools that are useful for giving advice, doing demonstrations and sharing files.

How Can You Monetize Google Helpouts?

Helpouts instructors are given full control of how much they charge for their live video help sessions.

You can either give your sessions for free or charge a fee for your expertise. You might choose to charge by the minute or find that charging by an increment of time (say $20 for 15 minutes) works better for your business model.

Just browsing through the Helpouts website, you can see that some people are charging $50-$150 per hour to offer their advice on all sorts of topics. Google handles all of the billing and retains 20% of the fee as their share, paying the instructor 80% of the fee collected each month.

It’s very exciting to discover ways that entrepreneurs can generate additional leads, plus publicly promote their brand and make money in a very simple manner. Google Helpouts do all three of these things effortlessly.

Why Become a Helpouts Instructor?

Google is looking for people to offer their services and advice to others. If you’re an expert in your field and already use social media to share your knowledge, wisdom or expertise, then you should consider becoming a Helpouts instructor.

It’s taken most of us years to grow status as an expert in our field. Now anyone with an approved Helpouts instructor account who delivers quality content can make additional income, and most importantly, be known as an expert in their field.

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