16 May 2014

Make Easy Money Online With Elance From Your Home

If you have a good set of skills under your hat, you can make money at home with Elance. Whether you want to become a freelance writer, a SEO expert, a web developer or virtual assistant, you can easily build a client portofolio with Elance.

Elance is an online platform that connects freelancers and clients from different countries around the world. Clients post jobs and freelancers can send proposals and bids.
The requirements, deadlines and budget for the task are posted in the job advert. It resembles a recruitment process, as the clients have to browse through the proposals and choose the freelancer that best suits the profile for the job.

How to Create a Freelancer Profile on Elance

If you want to make money at home with Elance, you need to start by creating a profile that stands out. First of all, register on Elance here and clicking the “I want to work” button found at the bottom of the sign-up window of the website.
Create a freelancer’s account by entering your details and choosing a job category. You also need to choose your membership level which can either be a free or paid membership plan. You may further customize your profile by completing your information.
Just click “Find Work” on the top of the navigation bar of the site and select the “Freelancer Profile” button. You have to upload a photo, write a tagline, add in your skills and minimum hourly rate, and write a freelancer overview.
Your profile is almost like your CV, it's your chance to showcase your skills and really prove to clients that you are a true professional. Please do ensure that there are no spelling mistakes in your profile, because it's the first thing that turns clients off.

How to Build a Strong Portfolio on Elance

After completing your profile, Elance will recommend uploading work samples to the Portfolio Section which you will find on your Freelancer Profile.
Your portfolio is your proof of work and will show the clients the quality of work you are able to provide. If you want to be successful and make money at home with Elance, take the time to build a strong portfolio that shows all your skills and abilities.
To add details and edit your portfolio, you may further check out the Portfolio management guide on Elance.

How to Make Money at Home with Elance

To make money with Elance you need to find jobs. Just click the “Find Work” button on top of the navigation bar and select “Search Jobs.”
You can choose the criteria that will help you find the jobs you are interested in such as job type (hourly or fixed), category, posting type (B2B, Featured, or Escrow), time left, budget, or when the job was posted.
You may view the description of a particular job by clicking the “Details” link. You can also take a look on the background information of the client when you click on the username or the number of proposals received.

How to Submit a Great Proposal on Elance

Once you find the job you want to work on, you need to submit a proposal. You can write your proposal in the Proposal Description box which you will find on the right hand side. You can type in up to 4000 characters, use some rich text formatting preferences and attach some sample articles.
Each proposal will cost you Connects, which is a number of points you get, depending on your membership level. If you run out of Connects, you can purchase more on your Elance profile.
You will notice that if you want your proposal to be sent to the top of the list it will cost your more Connects than if you send it as a standard proposal.
Whilst it's good to try cover all your skills and expertise, I advise you to keep your proposals short and sweet. Clients will get lots of proposals, sometimes up to 50, or even more, and they simply don't have time to read everything. So make sure your proposal stands out even if the client only glances past it.
First of all, always read the job advert fully, as some clients try to catch you out and ask you to start the proposal with a specific phrase.
Secondly, always answer the questions in the job advert. If the client says - please bid with budget and time frame - ensure that your proposal includes budget and time frame.
Add a line about your education and experience and always attach samples of work and even links to published work on the web.
Part of completing the proposal is submitting a bidding price. If you bid without a price you can choose the “Will Submit Amount Later” button, however, you need to update your proposal later if you want the job to be awarded to you.

Is it Safe to Make Payments on Elance?

You can make payments on Elance using your debit or credit card, or your Paypal account. Clients pay contractors through Escrow which is a safe and competent payment structure for a job delivered online. When a job is awarded, the employer and freelancer will agree on milestones and the funds will be placed in the Escrow account.
This way, the client knows that the funds won't be released until the job is completed and the freelance is also assured that the job will be paid, as the funds are already in Escrow. If there is any dispute between the client and the freelance, a member of the Elance team can intervene. Please note that for this reason it is important to keep all conversations in the Elance workroom chat, and avoid sending work via Skype or private email.
Elance is a genuine freelance websites that offers a platform online for clients and freelancers to work together. Whether you are a copywriter, virtual assistant, web developer, SEO expert or you have any other skill that can be used online, you can make money at home with Elance.
Sign up to Elance here and start making money today and you will be personally recommended through my Elance profile and receive a gift of 10 Free Connects which you can use to apply for jobs or rarely 10$ to your pocket directly.
Elance is absolutely free for the basic membership. You have the choice to choose more complex memberships with added benefits but for the first month I always advise to go for the free membership and just get a feel of Elance and how it works.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave me a comment or send a private message on the Contact Us page. I am always happy to help.

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