6 December 2013

Get Paid to Review Music

Get paid to review music
A lot of people will see this as fake and if there was a website which did this then it would be a scam. From the research which I had done in the past I fount out that it was in fact real and that it did pay for reviews and that it also paid via PayPal. After trying the site myself I was pleased with the results and after reaching the minimum pay out of $10 dollars the money went straight to my PayPal account. This does pay but per review it is not very much and averages at around 13 cents per review. But do not let this put you off because it soon adds up and you will find that with hard work you could make a descent second income off this site alone. The reviews can become repetitive and tedious as the reviews you do begin to feel the same but like all jobs, money does not come without its irritation. If you wondering if anyone outside of the US can use the website, that would be a YES. I live in the UK and the website is usable and transfers the money as pounds although it says dollars on the website. The website which I use and I have just explained about is SLICE THE PIE.
If you would like to support me and use this URL to join the fun on slice the pie and befriend me on the site, then I would be delighted. The link will take you to the site where you can sign up for free and earn money today. The URL is as follows;

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