6 December 2013

Start a Blog and Earn Money

Start a Blog
This is becoming the number one choice for people as there is a growing passion for people writing about there passions and sharing experiences. You could join these people and start a blogg today through either existing websites which offer you the use of their sites to start a blogg or to create your own website. There are blogging websites out there which allow you to use their services for free such as BLOGGER, WORDPRESS, WEEBLY etc. This is the simpler option as this way there is less hastle in starting up your blogg and you have to pay absolutely nothing. The other option is to start up your own website, this way you can consontrate on a unique look for your site and you get the satisfaction of owning your own website. To get your own website you can either create it from scratch through expensive software costing way over a £1000 or you can use sites set up to let you use their services for a fixed proce each month. You pay for the hosting of the site, the domain name, and if you want a professional emblem then that will need paying for which some sites offer this as well.
To make money on the blog site as you do not make money for blogging you will need to make money in other ways. To earn money you must put ads on your website or on the blog which you use through the services provided through sites and these are known as link packages. They work by putting ads on your site and then when a viewer on your website clicks on the ad you make a percentage of the money made from this click. The link packages available which are free and simple are Google ad sense and Amazon ad. The amount you make depends on the traffic which your site receives which means the more people entering your website the more money you will make.

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