5 December 2013

Online Surveys Pays Well

Online survey is one of the very easy online opportunity provided you find any genuine survey company. You will find hundreds of sites claiming to earn you big money by completing very simple online surveys but not even 2% of them are genuine.
And if there is any genuine website, you will not find more than 1 or 2 surveys and you will not earn more than $1 to $2 per month (max $5 to $10 for people in USA)  from individual site.
So making money from survey is really the waste of time. Its not a problem to join the sites but don’t expect much from these survey sites. Here is a list of top 20 survey sites where you can join and check if you get the online surveys.
**** Never pay any money to get the list of survey sites. Most of the scam sites which asks you to pay $10 or $20 to earn from surveys send you the list of fraud sites including the 20 sites given in the above link.
****** Just check the credibility of any site by searching in Google with the keyword “sitename complaints” and you will find the truth of that site.
red-arrowTrust Factor (2/10) -Not that trustworthy
red-arrowEarning Potential (2/10) -Don’t expect even $100 a month by joining even 20 or more survey sites
red-arrowSimplicity factor (10/10) -Very easy but not effective.

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