25 May 2014

4 Awesome Ways To Make Money Online While Sleeping

As online interest is increasing more and more people are coming to generate money online.
There are hundreds of thousands of sources on Internet by which you can generate income but many of them are just scams, people put their lots of effort, lots of time and lots of money there and ends up to nothing.
To generate descent earning and luxurious lifestyle from Internet you always need to put hard-work here, same as that of real world. But here, I am listing some legitimate sources by which you can earn money just by putting very less effort. You just need to go smartly, observing & implementing all the techniques involved and keeping patience.

1. DocStoc - Upload your Documents

DocStoc is a very vast marketplace to share your professional documents, promoting them and earn descent earning from them. If you are having any official document that are of no need for you but can help a lot of professionals to get out of their problem or minimize their work, you can upload them on DocStoc.
DocCash lets you to earn money from your documents. You can earn by selling your documents there and also from PPC Advertisment program (Google Adsense) that DocStoc uses. You will get PPC Revenue Share for your content.

2. Ziddu - Share Links and Earn

Ziddu is the world leading Audios, Videos, Documents and Images sharing platform. You upload files, get the public links and provide it to those who needs to download that file. You will be paid on each download.
Features :
  • No Sign Up Fee
  • $0.001/download
  • Minimum payout – $10
  • Payout Via PayPal or Skrill(Moneybookers)
  • Referral Bonus – $0.05

3. Linkbucks - Make Money When People Leave Your Site

You will get paid to share your links. You can share anything like Music, Videos, Interviews etc.
It is very good money generating platform for Bloggers.
Ads can be appear as like other PPC Ads but you can also serve ads at Between-Page Interstitial.
You will even get paid for your website’s outbound links. LinkBucks provide a very comfortable scope to serve Ads and generating revenue on them.
Features :

  • Sign Up Free
  • Minimum Payout – $10.00
  • Money Generating Source for Advertisers as well as Web Users
  • Payout in 30 Days

4. Gomez Peer - Earn Money by running Background Apps

Gomez Peer is a very advanced, comfortable and easy money making platform. You just need to install its Java based secure application that will run at background. This program use your computer as server top test performance of many websites around the world.
This application will not affect your PC Working. It just connect Gomez PEER servers periodically and you will get paid on each 15 mins of the application running.
Payment will be from PayPal and you can also make money by referring it to your friends.
As far as my knowledge this is what i tried and used post your ideas on comments.

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