17 May 2014

Earn Money Online By Writing Articles On iWriter

What is iWriter?

iWriter is a content provider that links freelance writers with clients who need content writing. To date, they have more than 100k registered writers who have written a total of 3 million articles. In the last 1 month there have been over 250k jobs posted.
Clients post jobs for writers to accept for payment. They provide the details and specifics of the article they need writing and then the payment is sent once the requester has accepted the article. Like many similar sites, iWriter takes a cut of what their writers earn (20%) which is used for PayPal processing and CopyScape plagiarism checker fees.
Writers have the option of being paid weekly (every Tuesday), biweekly (every other Wednesday) or monthly (5th or 25th - writer's preference) once the $20 threshold has been met.
One of the great features that iWriter has is the feedback and rating function. When a writer has submitted an article to a client, the client can then rate them from 1-5 start and leave a comment as feedback that other people can view. The writer can then also rate the client and leave a comment about them, too.
Everybody at iWriter starts off as a standard writer, but has the opportunity to progress to higher levels that pay more. After you have submitted 30 articles and have an overall rating of 4 stars or more, you progress to Premium writer. After 30 articles and a 4.6 rating or above, you become an Elite writer.

How Does it Work?

iWriter is used by many different people and businesses for various reasons. Some businesses need content provided for their website, some people need articles about their products or services and some are just looking for content that they can post to their blog.
People or businesses who are looking for content will sign up and post a project. They have the option of choosing what type of content they are looking for (have new articles written, have articles rewritten or have an ebook written), the language they need the content to be written in and the amount of words they require. They can also choose whether they want to submit their project to all writers, or just the ones at higher levels.
It is also down to the client to provide the style of writing they require (friendly tone, professional tone or another which they must specify) and any special instructions to the writer. Special instructions generally contain more information on what they are looking for, along with information about keywords and links that need to be used in the article.
The posting will then appear on the website for writers to claim.
Any writer that is interested in the project can then claim it and start writing. There is a time limit for the article to be written, which varies depending on the amount of words the project requires. Writers are given between 1 and 5 hours to write the article before it is put back onto the board for somebody else to claim.
  • 1 hour for 150 word articles
  • 2 hours for 300 word articles
  • 3 hours for 500 word articles
  • 4 hours for 700 word articles
  • 5 hours for 1,000 word articles
Once the article has been submitted to the client, they have 3 days to accept or reject it. Articles may be rejected for a number of reasons at the client's discretion. If the article is not what they are asking for, has bad grammar, spelling mistakes or bad sentence structure, has too much or too little keyword use or is written in the wrong tone, there's a good chance it will be refused. If you have followed the directions supplied by the requester then you shouldn't have to worry about being rejected. If, after the three days are up, the article has not been accepted or rejected, iWriter will automatically accept it and the funds will be transferred to the writer's account.
Freelancers on iWriter are paid a set amount for each article that they write. Starting off as a standard writer, those rates aren't very high, but as you write more and move up the ranks, the money you earn per article increases.
Starting off on iWriter, you are a standard writer. The payouts for articles at this level are as follows:
  • $1.01 for 150 word articles
  • $1.62 for 300 word articles
  • $2.43 for 500 word articles
  • $4.05 for 700 word articles
  • $6.08 for 1000 word articles
At the time of writing, I have earned $15.18 in just over 24 hours from 5 submitted articles and have 3 more articles waiting for approval which will bring me another $6.25.
It's not a lot of money, but it is legitimate. I currently have a 5 star rating, and if I can keep that rating once I have had 30 articles accepted I will become an Elite writer, where the payments get much better.
Here's an example of how much better it will get...
At the moment there is an Elite project for a 500 word article that will pay the writer $16.20. The usual rate for a 500 word article at Elite level seems to be $8.10. If I can get to that level and write a few articles per day, I'll be happy.
There's also a chance to earn more money through special requests. If you have provided great work for a client, they have the option of adding you to their favorites list and can contact you to send you projects that they want writing. Special request articles pay 5% more than open articles.

How Do I Join?

Joining iWriter as a content provider is easy. Simply go to this page, click "Register" and fill in your details. Anybody can sign up to write on iWriter. There's no rigorous admission process or tests to determine your skill as a writer. Once you have signed up, you can start accepting jobs and earning money right away.
Until you have received 5 rating for articles you have written, you may only accept another job after waiting 40 minutes since submission of the previous. Once you have had 5 articles approved, however, this restriction is lifted.

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