27 May 2014

Best Ways to Drive Free Traffic to Your Website in 2014

1. Doing Blog Comments

Blog commenting is a good way to bring some targeted traffic to your website. You need to search some popular blogs that are based in your niche. You need to make sure you are adding a value adding and relevant comments on these blogs. If you happen to the first commenter on some posts, you can expect more traffic than usual. So you should subscribe to some of your favorite blogs and should write your comment as you happen to see the new post coming on them. Many bloggers use this strategy to drive high amount of traffic to their websites and blogs.

2. Guest Blogging on Popular Blogs

Gather a list of popular blogs in your niche. It’s time to use that list for writing guest posts. Guest blogging is a great way to bring lots of targeted traffic, backlinks and much needed awareness about your brand in blog sphere. I happen to be doing guest blogging on some of popular blogs in blogging niche. So I know the true potential of guest blogging. You can expect more traffic to your website if you happen to get your guest post published on much more popular blogs like ProBlogger or Mashable. Therefore, the idea here is start contributing quality guest posts on popular blogs in your niche at regular intervals.
3. StumbleUpon for Driving Traffic
If I browse the top referring websites for Bloggers Passion blog,StumbleUpon is at first spot. It is not only me, but it is the number one referral traffic source for lots of other website owners and bloggers. StumbleUpon had sent 3870 plus visits to my blog in the last six months time. Again this is not a bad traffic number keeping in mind the little time I spent on StumbleUpon website. StumbleUpon users seem to be especially interested in stories carrying images or videos.
4. Facebook and Twitter
Lots of website owners drive thousands of traffic from Social Media websites like Facebook and twitter only every month. You can repeat the same kind of success from these networks for your own website. Whenever you publish a new post on your blog, make sure you are sharing it on your Facebook and twitter accounts as well. You should also share stories covering your website or your guest posts as well on these networks. Apart from this, its worth sharing interesting stories from other blogs and websites from your niche on your account to be more social.
You should work towards improving your friends and fan base on these networks in order to increase the amount of free traffic you will be getting from them in near future.
5. Set Up a Channel on YouTube
If you are good at creating videos, you should start doing some videos around topics of your website niche and start uploading them by creating a channel on YouTube. How to manual or tutorials types of videos do well on YouTube. You need to optimize your video thumbnail, title, description and tag section to increase their page views. If any of your video happens to get lots comments, ratings and shares on social media websites, you can drive massive amount of traffic to your website from a single video.
No doubt, there are lots of popular channels on YouTube. However, here I’m going to talk about the channel that are relevant to my blog niche only. If you want to create a website of your own and need some tips, should check this YouTube channel by Lisa from 2createawebsite.com. And if you want to improve your online earnings, you should subscribe to this amazing channel from Pat who owns SmartPassiveIncome.com. Why I’m sharing these channels here?
Just to share the million of page views these guys are able to generate to their YouTube channels over the period of time because of their amazing niche expertise and video creation skills. I hope you will have much better idea about the true potential of establishing a channel on YouTube now.
6. Forums Related to Your Niche
Forum posting is one of hidden but effective method to bring converting visitors to your website. For this, you need to find some popular discussion forums that are based in your niche. Since I’m working in blogging niche, my target forums websites will be Digital Point ForumSitePointSEO ChatWebProWorld etc.
You will be able to send traffic to your website though your signature sections on such websites. Most forum websites allow addition of signature (where you can add your links) for your participation. But before start working on a discussion forum, you need to make sure it’s an active discussion forum and have some real users.
7. Yahoo Answers Type Websites
You can bring additional traffic to your website by using Yahoo Answers type question answer website. When I tried Yahoo Answers sometime back to generate traffic on one of my niche blog, it was working well. I was able to drive thousands of visits to my niche website from Yahoo Answers website only.

8. Squidoo and Hubpages

Its time to create some pages on topics of your interest on Squidoo and Hubpages type of websites. While adding content on these websites, you need to make sure you are adding original and valuable contents only. Google and other search engines use to give lots of priority to these websites due to their high popularity and authority. These websites not only drive millions of visits from search engines every month, but they have millions of fans and followers who use to browse these websites directly to find topics of their interest.

Best thing about the traffic you will be getting from these websites will bevery engaging and converting. I have seen some lens owners on Squidoo getting thousands of visits and similar kind of earnings from their single lens on monthly basis. You can also repeat the same kind of success if you are good at whatever you are aiming at doing.
9. Wikipedia Type of websites
We all know about the popularity of Wikipedia website. Do you know we can use this website as well for building free targeted traffic to our website? You need to find some topics from Wikipedia matching your website niche and some of detailed and well-researched articles from your own website. We all know most of contents available on Wikipedia are open for everyone and anyone can edit them. You should try adding few links of your website in references and external links sections on Wikipedia pages. I tried this method some time back and did wonders for me. With small but smart work on few Wikipedia pages, I was able to drive thousands of visits to my niche websites. I’m thinking of giving one more try to this method very soon to add Wikipedia as one more traffic source to Bloggers Passion blog.
10. Email List
If you already have a huge list of subscribers, you can use that list for driving more sales and traffic to your business website. And if you are not currently putting much effort in building an Email list for you, you should start working on it immediately. Email list is going to a big asset for you that you can use to send more visits to your website. You need to look at some ways to improve your Email list. You would recommend using Aweber for managing your email list and newsletters more effectively.
I hope these are good enough sources to help you drive huge amount of traffic on your website if you are getting no or very little traffic from Google after their panda update. Do you know any other free method that we can use to build lots of quality traffic on our websites then do share in the comments section.

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